Making Space for a Makerspace by Latarra Rallings, Booker T. Washington

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Launched Feb 16, 2017
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Category: General
Class Size: 200
Grade: 6th - 8th 

As a teacher, I want to provide all of my students with excellent learning opportunities. For my kinesthetic learners these opportunities are a little more difficult to come by. That is why I want to create a makerspace in my classroom. This area will be stocked with different materials and supplies that will allow students to engage with their learning materials and build critical thinking skills. With the funds that are raised, I will be able to purchase the following items to kick off my makerspace:

If we do not meet our goal...

If I do not meet my goal, I will use the funds raised to purchase as many supplies for my classroom makerspace as possible.
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Star Student

My students and I greatly appreciate your generous donation!
Invest $25


Room Representative

Wow! Your donation at this level will lay the foundation to a successful cause and a very excited classroom.
Invest $50


Class President

You have gone above and beyond! This donation amount will put you in the history books (for our class).
Invest $75



This is a game changer! Words can't describe how thankful our class is for your support.
Invest $100

Latarra Rallings

Media Specialist 6th-12th, Booker T. Washington

Library media specialist teaching to to have a to use print and electronic resources effectively, use social media responsibly and develop a lifelong love of reading

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