Ride the Wave of the Future with VIRTUAL REALITY by Dan Kreiness, Derby Middle School

This Cause Has Ended
Launched Mar 30, 2017
Ends Aug 05, 2017
This Cause Has Ended
Category: Technology
Class Size: 325
Grade: 6th - 8th 

With these funds I will...

help bring amazing new learning activities to our students through the use of virtual reality technology. We are looking to purchase 15 high quality virtual reality headsets. The VR headsets will be able to be used with both iOs and Android-based smartphones. The VR headsets will allow students to view 360-degree photos and videos in virtual reality that will allow them to experience learning in a way they never have before. Through the funding of this project our students will see learning come to life!

At DMS we strive to provide our students with engaging and relevant instructional experiences. Experiences that they can connect to and will lead them toward becoming lifelong learners. Imagine teachers being able to bring their students on virtual field trips to landmarks, cities and other historical sites, as well as traveling into space or even other scientific spaces like the human body.

If we do not meet our goal...

as many VR headsets as we have the funding for.

Suggested Investments


Buy one VR headset

This amount is approximately the cost of one VR headset.
Invest $15


Next level Donor

This amount is approximately the cost of 2 VR headsets.
Invest $30


VIP Donor

This amount would supply our school with 10 VR headsets.
Invest $150


Superhero Donor

This amount would cover the cost for the entire set of 15 VR headsets.
Invest $300

Dan Kreiness

Instructional Coach, Derby Middle School

Dan Kreiness serves the Derby (CT) Public Schools as a secondary level Instructional Coach based in the middle school. Before taking over this position in the fall of 2015, Dan helped create the intervention program at Derby Middle School as the Reading Interventionist. Dan began his teaching career in the New York City schools, spending nearly eight years at two intermediate schools as an eighth grade English language arts teacher, interventionist, and middle level literacy coach. Dan holds two Masters degrees in Adolescent Education and Educational Leadership and is currently a doctoral student. He has specific interests in school administration and leadership, instructional technology and student engagement. Connect with Dan on Twitter at @dkreiness or his blog at https://leaderoflearning.wordpress.com/.

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Derby, Connecticut

The Derby Middle School Professional Learning Community (students, faculty, staff, parent and administration) is committed to developing healthy, productive, and contributing members of 21st century society who are prepared to accept and deal with the inevitability of change. At Derby Middle School our mission is to create an educational environment in which every student can learn and advance to high school with the attitudes, understandings and competencies that ensure his/her success as a life long learner, with assessment driving instruction for our improved student learning.

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This Cause Has Ended

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