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Verified Non-Profit

Verified Non-Profit

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With these funds I will purchase various board games.  In today's fast paced society, board games are not played often in the home setting.  Turn taking, sharing, and displaying good sportsmanship are skills that can be improved when board games are played regularly.  Math skills including following steps within a process, strategic thinking, and problem solving can be reinforced with these fun and popular board games.  Reading skills and strategies will be strengthened with these engaging games, too.  Missouri winter weather will be quickly upon us.  Therefore, students will be limited to indoor recess.  I welcome this PledgeCents project opportunity to increase the indoor recess options for my students.  While the students are playing the board games with their peers, math and reading concepts will simultaneously be reinforced!!  


I would like to purchase the following board games from

Hasbro Classic Jenga Game  2 x $8.59

Dog-opoly Board Game $16.99

Monopoly Jr. Board Game 2 x $11.99

Pay Day Board Game 2 x $12.56

Pictionary Classic Game $20.39

Heads Up $17.99

Dance Charades $29.99

Cupcake Race $14.99

Jenga Quake Game $19.99

Apples to Apples Jr. $12.39


Back Up Plan

If I do not meet my goal I will purchase as many as I possibly can.  I may develop a Giving Tree bulletin board for the Christmas holidays with these game titles included on it.  I will consider taking a picture of it and posting it on our Edmodo class electronic account, which is similar to Facebook, but has additional restriction.  I may also include these desired items in my weekly newsletter that goes home to all parents.  

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This school year, I am beginning a new adventure teaching 5th grade. Previously, I have taught 3rd grade within our school building. I enjoy the energy and excitement for learning my students bring on a daily basis!

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