AM Davis Elementary verified non-profit

Richmond, Virginia


A. M. Davis Elementary is a proud member of the award-winning Chesterfield County School System. Chesterfield County Public Schools is educating more than 58,000 students in 62 schools. Chesterfield County has 38 elementary schools (grades K-5), 12 middle schools (grades 6-8), 11 high schools (grades 9-12) and a technical center.

Every day counts in Chesterfield County Public Schools! This award-winning school system with a vision for the future is preparing every student to adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing world. Chesterfield County Public Schools embraces three big ideas based on national best practices and cutting-edge research to provide an engaging and relevant education:

- blended learning, which combines technology with face-to-face instruction and leads to anytime, anywhere learning
- project-based learning, which promotes problem solving, collaboration and communication
- service learning, which connects students with the community
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Kaitlin Johnson

1st Grade Teacher

I am a first grade teacher at a school with an extremely high poverty rate. 60% of our students are receiving free or reduced lunch. I began my teaching career in order to help all students to grow and learn. My goal is and has always been to make learning fun, engaging, and meaningful! I do all that I can in order to make this happen!