Boiling Springs Elementary

Boiling Springs, South Carolina


Boiling Springs Elementary is an elementary school in Spartanburg District 2. It is one of seven elementary schools in Spartanburg School District Two. There are approximately 866 students in 4-Year-Old Kindergarten through Third grade.

OUR VISION is unlock the full potential of every student.
OUR MISSION prepare our students to be independent thinkers and contributing citizens in the Twenty-First century.
OUR PURPOSE meet the diverse needs of each child in order to achieve their maximum potential.
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A Cause for Guided Reading
by Katie Atkins
at Boiling Springs Elementary
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Katie Farr


I am a kindergarten teacher in South Carolina. I am always looking for new and fun ideas to make learning fun!

Katie Atkins

1st grade teacher

I'm a first grade teacher that has a heart for all children. I enjoy teaching students and try my best to stay on top of the newest ways of teaching that fully engage my students. I also try to give them everything I can to make them successful.