PledgeCents and CritterKin created Bridge2Nepal as a way of supporting some of the 5,000 schools and 1.7 million children affected by the earthquake Nepal experienced in April. Through this partnership, we will work to support teachers and schools in Nepal that need help replacing some of what they have lost. When disaster strikes, it is always tragic, but sometimes good can come out of it. This Nepali tragedy is serving as a jumping off point for a more connected global community of educators. When we come together to support those facing difficult times, we all grow stronger. We ask you to show your support in whatever way you can and help us emerge from this tragedy better than we were before.
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CritterKin and PledgeCents


CritterKin and PledgeCents are teaming up to support global educators! At the simplest level CritterKin is a series of children’s books written and illustrated by Jena Ball. the books are designed to teach children that animals (critters) are family (kin). Fundamental to the CritterKin mission is the belief that emotional education is as important as any intellectual skills we can teach. Children need opportunities to experience and practice empathy, compassion and respect in order to develop into caring, responsible adults. PledgeCents is the crowdfunding platform working to expand opportunities for teachers and students and bringing a voice to classrooms around the country and world.

Ali Upton

5th grade teacher

I am a new teacher with Teach For America. I will be teaching 5th grade. I am self contained and will be teaching all subjects.

Heather Wellman


I have a PhD in Conflict Analysis and Resolution. I have spent most of my career in nonprofits working on important social justice issues both domestically and internationally. I'm now bringing those skills to good use to help end educational inequity in the United States by teaching 8th grade US History in an "Ace" school. (A school that has been specially designated as needing academic improvement).

Trina Owens

Special Education teacher

Former manager in customer service for Hilton Worldwide now taking volunteering to work with children to a new level. Teach for America 2015 Corp member in Memphis, TN teaching her 1st year in Special Education.

Samantha Plogger

English Language Arts Inclusion

I'm a first year TFA Corps Member. I am teaching high school English Language Arts in a low income high school in Memphis, TN. I am working to provide my students with the materials needed to be successful not only in my classroom, but in all of their academic settings. It is my goal to provide them with supplies that they could potentially use after high school, as well.

Tom Galstian

Math Teacher

Born and raised Hoosier, educating in Las Vegas. CC Geometry Teacher. Behavior School Math Instructor. Substance Awareness Facilitator. DSA. UNLV. TFA.

Danielle Langan

Resource Teacher

Hello, this is my first year as a Resource teacher at a high poverty school in South Los Angeles. 96% of my students qualify for free lunch, meaning they are living below the poverty line. I believe that education should be equitable, and that my students deserve to have the same quality education as the schools across town. They deserve to have high interest reading books, binders, pencils, dry erase boards, listening stations to build on reading skills, and much more. With the help of friends, family, and the community, I hope to provide a well supplied classroom for my students.

Christopher Compton

1st Grade Teacher


Svitlana Zhitaryuk

7th grade teacher