Carver Early Childhood Education Center

Stanton, California


The Early Childhood Education Center (ECEC) at Carver serves preschool-aged students residing within the Garden Grove Unified School District boundaries and provides access to high-quality education that fosters the development of communication, vocational, social-emotional, and academic skills in a safe and nurturing environment. Our programs are focused on preparing our students to be successful learners as they transition to kindergarten and beyond!
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Holly Pizarro

Preschool Education Specialist

My goal is to help students grow socially and emotionally in the classroom, home and community. I believe this will support students create positive social interactions with their typical peers, while increasing positive behaviors and improving academic achievement. I also want to use assistive technology in the classroom to give students the ability to engage and interact with everyone around them regardless of the challenges they may encounter. I am excited to see the growth in each one of my students as well as my own growth from teaching my students. Teaching inspires me to be a life-long learner.