Downtown Elementary Optional School verified non-profit

Memphis, Tennessee


Downtown Elementary is an Enriched Academics Optional School with a strong academic program for both optional and non-optional students. With its distinctive architecture and bright, spacious interior, Downtown Elementary is a lesson in how design can enhance the learning environment. Our facility features computers in every classroom, as well as a computer lab with state-of-the-art equipment. We have a comprehensive science lab that is partially funded by the University of Tennessee College of Medicine. In addition, our school has art and music facilities utilized for both during and after-school programs. Overall, Downtown Elementary is a colorful and stimulating learning environment.

Downtown Elementary is in a convenient location for those who live and work in downtown Memphis.
Downtown Elementary takes pride in its highly-qualified and experienced staff. All teachers are certified in the state of Tennessee. More than 60 percent of the faculty hold master's degrees, eight percent have doctoral degrees, and eight percent are degreed Educational Specialists. Members of our faculty have also won the Rotary Award for Teacher Excellence, and seven teachers have earned National Board Certification. The hardworking faculty at Downtown Elementary is committed to ensuring students are challenged to achieve, and teachers are dedicated to caring about every child.

Parents are valued partners in Downtown Elementary's goal of making the learning experience a joy for its students. The school invites parents to visit their child's classroom to observe, participate in tutoring, chaperone field trips, and otherwise become involved.

The mission of Downtown Elementary is to provide an exceptional educational foundation that enables students to be productive, self-aware, and self-sufficient learners who value themselves, contribute to their community, and are able to adapt and succeed in an ever-changing world.
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Hands on History
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Technology in the Music Classroom
by Mary Elizabeth Washburn
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Cheree Ray

3rd Grade Teacher

I am a third grade teacher.

Mary Elizabeth Washburn

PK-5th Orff Music Teacher

Pk-5th grade Orff Music Teacher at Downtown Elementary.

Rebecca Magee

2nd Grade Teacher

I am a second grade teacher at Downtown Elementary. I teach ELA and social studies.

Janis Pankey

PreK, KK and First Grade CLUE teacher

I teach 4, 5 and 6 year old gifted students in our district's CLUE program.

Dina Francisco

K-3 Primary Special Education Teacher

I have been teaching for ten years. I am currently a special education teacher at Downtown Elementary. I enjoy helping students reach their full potential every day! I believe that part of what is important to do is help students to have experiences they haven't had or may not have the opportunity otherwise.

Marion Mathis


I am librarian at Downtown Elementary School in downtown Memphis. After many years of working with high school students, I moved to an elementary school last year. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE working with the little people and sharing my love for children's literature, nature, arts & crafts, and music. My goal is to make learning exciting for these delightful children.