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San Diego, California


The mission of Epiphany Prep Charter School is to deliver entrepreneurial and innovative education opportunities that transform the learning potential of marginalized students by strengthening the whole child: intellect, character, and spirit.

With a model that sends more than 80% of urban children on to college, Epiphany Prep is a K-8 public charter school committed to transforming inner-city education to prepare students for college, career and life.

Epiphany Prep recognizes the skills students need as 21st century learners, such as digital literacy, technological skills, and collaboration and communication strategies. But it takes more to transform learners into true leaders. Our philosophy is unique because of the way in which we deliver proven educational best practices through our 4 pillars, which are the research-based design and operating principles inspiring our decisions about learning and teaching.

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2nd Grade Scholars Field Trip to San Diego State!
by Cindy Lopez
at Epiphany Prep Charter School
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Cindy Lopez

2nd Grade Learning Coach