Waterford Elementary School

Waterford, New Jersey


The Waterford Elementary School consists of students in Pre-K, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Grades. There are a variety of instructional programs available to facilitate meeting the individual needs of the students. This includes two levels of basic skills implementation, RTI interventions, I&RS services, and programs for children with special needs. Counselors have developed and executed an anti-bullying curriculum. The school also offers participation in co-curricular activities such as band, and art club. Additionally, the Home and School Association sponsors activities after school. These include Theater Arts, Chorus, Games, Scrapbooking, Fitness, and Newspaper clubs.

The staff at WES work to promote a safe, orderly, bully-free environment by setting standards for behavior, teaching social coping and decision making skills, and giving children the tools they need to solve problems in their complex world.
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Debra Parker

5th and 6th grade Basic Skills Teacher

I am a 5th and 6th grade Basic Skills Teacher. My favorite subjects are Math and Science, and I enjoy teaching them together. It's great to see the students' faces when Math and Science come together. It would be so exciting to actually have one of our students' experiment fly to the International Space Station and be conducted by an astronaut. What a thrilling adventure for all the students to be involved with the program!