Tissues and markers and hand sanitizer, oh my!
Be one of the three lucky schools to get #SchoolSupplied.
We're putting the cool in back-to-school.
The top 3 schools with the most points between

August 3, 2015 and September 30, 2015

will win a box full of new supplies of their choice for the new school year.

1st Place = $1,000 worth of supplies

2nd Place = $750 worth of supplies

3rd Place = $500 worth of supplies

What’s this about school supplies?
That’s right! We are going to buy a box full of new school supplies for the top 3 schools. We will work with the school to figure out what supplies are needed most, and then we will purchase them and send them along!

How do I get started?
All you have to do to get started is create a cause. Not signed up? Let’s fix that.

How do I earn points?

for every
dollar invested
for every
Facebook share
for every
cause created
for every cause
that reaches its goal
Bonus: for every
$500 raised


Organization Points
KIPP Polaris Academy for Boys (Houston, Texas) 22,848
Bache Martin Elementary School (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) 20,314
Olney Elementary School (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) 20,086
YES Prep Northside (Houston, Texas) 18,478
KIPP Liberation College Prep (Houston, Texas) 16,248
KIPP Empower Academy (Los Angeles, California) 15,432
Wissahickon Charter School (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) 14,373
Raul Quintanilla Middle School (Dallas, Texas) 10,797
Friends of Chester A. Arthur (FoCA) (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) 10,503
West Elementary School (Jefferson City, Missouri) 9,512
KIPP Houston High School (Houston, Texas) 9,183
KIPP West Philadelphia Preparatory (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) 9,010
Booker T. Washington Middle High School (Memphis, Tennessee) 8,962
Lovejoy High School (Hampton, Georgia) 8,661
Marion High School (Marion, South Carolina) 7,703
The Philadelphia High School for Girls (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) 7,341
KIPP Austin Obras (Austin, Texas) 6,848
Roosevelt Middle School (West Palm Beach, Florida) 5,695
Pine Valley Elementary (Wilmington, North Carolina) 5,526
Miami Northwestern Senior High School (Miami, Florida) 4,547
Jose de Diego Middle School (Miami, Florida) 4,540
Andrew Cooke Magnet School (Waukegan, Illinois) 4,380
Miami Central Senior High School (Miami, Florida) 4,300
Aurora Collegiate Academy (Memphis, Tennessee) 4,250
Detroit Achievement Academy (Detroit, Michigan) 4,088
Duke Ellington School of the Arts (Washington, DC) 3,974
El Cajon Valley Band Boosters (El Cajon, California) 3,950
Plymouth Center School (Plymouth, Connecticut) 3,829
Cornerstone Prep Memphis (Memphis, Tennessee) 3,817
KIPP Sharpstown College Prep (Houston, Texas) 3,775
West Independent School District (West, Texas) 3,340
Parker Elementary (Houston, Texas) 3,247
Spring Branch Education Foundation (Houston, Texas) 3,169
Mountain View Elementary (Mountain View, Hawaii) 3,088
Douglas Smith Elementary School (Houston, Texas) 2,830
De La Salle Education Center (Kansas City, Missouri) 2,592
Miami Norland Senior High School (Miami Gardens, Florida) 2,434
Southwest Early Childhood Center (Jefferson City, Missouri) 2,365
KIPP Sol Academy (Los Angeles, California) 2,342
Kealakehe Elementary School (Kailua-Kona, Hawaii) 2,297
Carr Creek Elementary (Litt Carr, Kentucky) 2,220
The Soulsville Charter School (Memphis, Tennessee) 2,171
Pershing Middle School (Houston, Texas) 2,160
#EdTechBridge (Bound Brook, New Jersey) 2,157
James Kenan High School (Warsaw, North Carolina) 2,081
Freedom Middle School (Orlando, Florida) 2,060
R.D. McAdams Junior High (Dickinson, Texas) 2,015
Kid's Community College-Orange (Ocoee, Florida) 1,979
Westside Achievement Middle School (Memphis, Tennessee) 1,915
Encore Academy (New Orleans, Louisiana) 1,900
Van R. Butler Elementary (Santa Rosa Beach, Florida) 1,896
KIPP 3D Academy (Houston, Texas) 1,773
Rauner College Prep (Chicago, Illinois) 1,589
Kinkaid School Engineering Math Science Institute (Houston, Texas) 1,535
William Penn Elementary (Tulsa, Oklahoma) 1,355
YES Prep Fifth Ward (Houston, Texas) 1,230
MDPS Frederick Douglass Elementary (Miami, Florida) 1,202
Southwest Middle and High School (Houston, Texas) 1,160
KIPP Legacy Preparatory School (Houston, Texas) 1,140
Somerset Academy - Losee Campus (Las Vegas, Nevada) 1,140
Ionia High School (Ionia, Michigan) 1,140
Eastern Guilford Middle School (Gibsonville, North Carolina) 1,120
San Jacinto Intermediate (Pasadena, Texas) 1,120
Brownsville Middle School (Miami, Florida) 1,120
I.S. 228 David A. Boody (Brooklyn, New York) 1,120
Bright Star Schools (Los Angeles, California) 1,100
Phoenix School (Houston, Texas) 1,040
Laura C. Saunders Elementary School (Homestead, Florida) 1,030
W. E. Greiner Arts Academy and Middle School (Dallas, Texas) 1,020
Roger Q. Mills Elementary School (Dallas, Texas) 1,020
Wilmer-Hutchins High School (Dallas, Texas) 1,020
Harrison Park School (Grand Rapids, Michigan) 913
Veritas Prep Charter School (Springfield, Massachusetts) 824
Fiske Elementary School (Chicago, Illinois) 727
John B. Dey Elementary School (Virginia Beach, Virginia) 640
Charles H. Milby High School (Houston, Texas) 565
Upper Darby High School (Upper Darby, Pennsylvania) 500
Hamlin Education Center (Hayti, South Dakota) 500
Clearview Elementary (Waukegan, Illinois) 470
LA CAUSA YouthBuild (Los Angeles, California) 440
Liberty Middle School (Pratt, Kansas) 200
A.B. Hill Elementary (Memphis, Tennessee) 175
Webster Elementary (Livonia, Michigan) 155
Ascher Silberstein Elementary School (Dallas, Texas) 95
Clara Oliver Elementary School (Dallas, Texas) 80
Parklane Elementary School (Atlanta, Georgia) 65
Betty H. Fairfax High School (Phoenix, Arizona) 45
Hilltop Pregnant Minors High School (San Francisco, California) 40
Cleveland Elementary (Cleveland, North Carolina) 40
PUC Triumph Charter Academy (Sylmar, California) 20
Palmetto Middle School (Mullins, South Carolina) 20
KIPP Northeast College Preparatory (Houston, Texas) 20
Atlantis Elementary School (McGuire AFB, New Jersey) 20
Homestead Senior High School (Homestead, Florida) 20
KIPP Spirit College Prep (Houston, Texas) 20
Odenton Elementary (Odenton, Maryland) 20
Miami Southridge Senior High (Miami, Florida) 20
Doral Academy, Cactus Campus (Las Vegas, Nevada) 20
Stone Scholastic Academy (Chicago, Illinois) 20
Dr. Henry W. Mack West Little River K-8 Center (Miami, Florida) 20
William Annin Middle School (Basking Ridge, New Jersey) 20
Ridge High School (Bernards, New Jersey) 20
Somerville Middle School (Somerville, New Jersey) 20

The Fine Print

What is #SchoolSupplied?
We know that basic supplies go fast at the beginning of the year, so we are going to make sure you have a box full of the supplies that you need most! The three schools that raise the most points on PledgeCents between August 3rd and September 30th, 2015 will win these supplies!

How do I enter?
Easy! When you create your next cause, you will have the option to click the “enter the contest” button to enter. Or new to the site? When you sign up, you will enter information about your school and then proceed to create a cause where you can opt in to the competition.

How do I earn points?
There are four ways to earn points for your school or organization.

  • for every dollar invested: 5 points
  • for every Facebook share: 10 point
  • for every cause created: 20 points
  • for every cause that reaches its goal: 100 points
Bonus: for every $500 a school or organization raises, it will receive an additional 200 points.

Does my cause have to end before September 30, 2015?
No. Your cause can continue after the deadline, but you are only eligible to receive points for any changes that occur by September 30th, 2015 at 11:59pm CST.

Who can create a cause?
Anyone can create a cause that is raising funds for a PreK-12 school, education-focused non-profit, or PTA/PTO. If you work for or want to support one of these organizations, you may sign up your school or organization and create a cause

What can I raise funds for?
You can raise funds for any school or classroom need. If it will positively impact students, you can raise funds for it. The sky is the limit!

How will I know how many points my school/organization has?
Every night after 12:30AM CST, we will update the scoreboard to reflect all changes from that day. Be sure to check back nightly to see how your school or organization is doing!

What supplies will be in the box? When will we receive them?
We will coordinate with the winning school or organization, and they should expect to receive the supplies within a few weeks of the end of the competition.

Any other fine print?
Yes. You can read all the exciting rules and regulations here.

If you have any more questions or would like clarification on any of the above, please do not hesitate to email us at info@pledgecents.com.