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Verified Non-Profit

Verified Non-Profit

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At North High School there are two sections of Anatomy & Physiology, which allows 47 seniors to take the course.  Content in science is most engaging and exciting when students are able to interact with the concepts and ideas in the lab setting.  I would like to make our upcoming unit about the Cardiovascular System ‘hands-on’ by accomplishing a dissection as well as two laboratory experiments.  


Since the structures in the hearts of sheep are similar to the human heart, sheep hearts are suitable models for dissection in the cardiovascular unit of human anatomy.  By accomplishing a dissection, students will be able to see, hold, and observe the complex anatomy of the heart.  The path of blood flow is not necessarily intuitive and can be challenging for students to articulate; therefore, having the organ in hand and observing the path of blood flow during dissection is a crucial component of the course to maximize student understanding.  Additionally, if students choose to take Anatomy & Physiology at the university level, they will often be expected to attend anatomy lab, which means developing dissection skills/ etiquette in high school is an important step toward college readiness.


In this unit it is also fundamental to accomplish a lab about blood types so students can understand the importance of blood donation and transfusions in the medical setting.  Having real world connections for students increases engagement and allows students to apply the knowledge from class notes and discussions.  Providing the opportunity for students to practice classifying blood types and matching donors with recipients allows students to see a parallel of how this is accomplished in the lab settings of hospitals.


Finally, accomplishing another lab where students are able to take their blood pressure and heart rate is an opportunity for students to apply their conceptual knowledge in a practical manner.  Some of my students are interested in becoming Medical Assistants, Radiology Technicians, Physicians, Nurses, and other professions in the medical field.  It is important to offer the opportunity for students to have a preliminary understanding of the skills they will need in the future, such as using a blood pressure cuff, determining systolic and diastolic blood pressure, as well as finding a pulse.  


The number of each item, estimated cost, and link are provided in the table below:




Cost per each

Amount Needed

Total cost of items

Sheep Heart


Pack of 10 = $34.99*

3 packs of 10**

$104.97 – (.28 * 104.97) =


Blood Pressure Kit





Blood Typing Lab


One kit per 40 students =


2 kits


*Denver Public School receives a 28% discount through Frey Scientific for sheep hearts


**In the lab setting when dissection is performed, it is preferable to have students work in groups of two (2) in order to increase engagement and allow all students the opportunity to participate as much as possible.  It should be noted that an online virtual dissection would be available for students who would like to opt out of organ dissection. 




Back Up Plan

If we don’t meet our goal…we will use what money we raise to buy sheep brains which are cheaper.

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Bill Jorgensen January 22, 2016

I am glad to see that there are alternatives to budget constraints. Lab supplies can be expensive!

Good luck!


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Our anatomy students would like to take their learning to the next level and dissect a sheep's brain. Each brain cost's about $13.00 and we have 60 eager students. So we need to raise $780! Please help.

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