Classroom Management and Engagement Tool

The Description

With these funds I will continue to build our mission to: 

Ease teachers stress and Build students to success!

Kash-In is a classroom management and engagement tool for secondary students and teachers. Kash-In is a learning platform that allows teachers to monetize behaviors and digitally reward students with ‘kash’. Once ‘kash’ is in student’s account, students can then purchase teacher and school-based incentives online. Teachers can make deposits and withdraws from account based on student’s positive/negative behaviors. Just like a real banking account, transactions are done in real time, with alerts.

The Modern Scholars are asking for $8,000. With your support we will:

  • Purchase a larger database for continued growth of the website
  • Have funding to cover the increase in hosting fees for our website,
  • Update 3 features that will help the functionality for current users
  1. Feature #1-Update the home page layout to a 'class' setting for teachers to easily select and reward students
  2. Feature #2-Amend the behavior data a teacher can receive to improve student behavior intervention methods
  3. Feature #3- Allow teachers to create own incentive store and have multiple stores if needed
  4. Additional Feature (if possible)  #1-Teacher can create class goals where students can donate 'kash' for a class based incentives
  5. Additional Feature (if possible) #2-Remove students from class (right now only admin can do it) 
  6. Admin feature(if possible) #3- Be able to update profile information, like login, profile picture ,etc.
  • Add additional features, if funding is still available. 

With your help we can address many issues associated with teachers leaving the profession due to student behavior and the high level of At-Risk students. With this management, motivation, and engagement learning platform, in one, we are helping to build a better equipped teacher and a more productive student. Your help will assist the Modern Scholars update how the world educates and motivates. It helps with a fixed rewards/consequences system, consistent preventative practices, and drives student motivation and achievement while incorporating financial literacy.

Back Up Plan

If we do not reach our goal we will use any funding for hosting and database expenses. The Modern Scholars has bootstrapped $16,000 from family and friends to build Kash-In but unfortunately, the app developer did not deliver a usable app. So, with no money or no app the Modern Scholars could have stopped there, but Kash-In meant too much. So, the Modern Scholars used personal savings and took a leap of faith to rebuild. But we will not give up, because this is above us, it’s about of students and schools, that are overlooked and pushed in a corner because of their community, not because of their capability.

Fundraiser Updates (3)

Current Users

August 20, 2020

As of August 20, 2020. We have 3 schools and 38 individual teachers after about 4 weeks into launch 

First User

August 20, 2020

On July 22, 2020 first user was acquired 


August 20, 2020

On July 18, 2020 Kash-In was launched and open to the public

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About the Creator

We are Jennifer, LaTasha, and Jeffery all teachers in Houston, Texas. This ELA, Math, and PE super teacher trio, are known as the Modern Scholars. Together we have taught more than 2,500 students, have around 20 years of experience as a teacher, a few “Teacher of the Year” Awards, under our belts, and truly enjoy teaching the youth.

We created Kash-In after we used a paper money token economy to encourage positive behaviors, improve academic achievement, and reward students, and as a result we had a huge shift in our students' behavior and the culture of the school. The Modern Scholars notice that most classroom management apps are elementary based, but why stop management tools in elementary? Secondary students need motivation and routines, as well.

Teaching in an area of high crime, poor attendance rates, 88% economically disadvantage, and low literacy rate, being able to motivate our type of student is essential for their success. Our school and schools like us, need a classroom management tool to build appropriate decision-making skills, healthier behaviors, social/emotional wellness, while making a financially sound scholar. All skills needed to be a college /career bound scholar and a productive citizen in life.