Flexible Seating for My Fervent Learners

Verified Non-Profit

Verified Non-Profit

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With these funds I will...

I'm requesting you help me give them a creative and accommodating learning space full of wobbly seats, comfy chairs, cushions, balance seats, and stability balls. By donating, you will be helping my students have a differentiated environment that allows them to learn the best way possible ! In addition to seating arrangements, they will need a space to put their materials as we will not have standard desk in the room. I appreciate you in advance for sharing and donating to my project!

These materials will allow my students to learn in a specialized space that meets their needs.

They will have a space that is comfortable and safe which is a big component to their focus and attention during lessons. My students will utilize these materials every day and not only be able to sit comfortably but also have a space that is organized for their personal materials. My students will be spending a majority of their time in a general education setting which can already give some anxiety. Flexible seating will take away one thing for them to worry about as they move between our classroom and the general education rooms.

Back Up Plan

If we do not reach our goal I will purchase pillows and stools for my classroom.

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I teach at Mastery Charter Douglass Campus.My classroom is home to the 4-5 Emotional Support Anchor program, some amazingly resilient children.