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Launched Mar 08, 2017
Ends Aug 31, 2017
Why "Invest"?
Why "Invest"? We use the term "invest" to symbolize your investment in a student's future through a better education.
Category: Technology
Class Size: 1,450
Grade: 7th - 12th 

We are a group of passionate educators at Simon Gratz Mastery Charter School in North Philadelphia, who are working to create a love of learning in our students.  We are seeking your support in helping us raise $50,000 in 90 days, so that we can create a multi-media library for our students in both the middle school and high school (6th-12th grades). 

It is our school’s mission to be the best comprehensive, open enrollment high school at closing the opportunity gap by achieving academic and social growth with all students, so that they are post-secondary ready.  In order to achieve this, we must create a space where our students can access top resources, books, and technology.

Currently, our school does not have a functioning library to support our students’ academic and social growth.  At Gratz, our students generally enter our school reading significantly below grade level expectations.  Research shows that more access to books will result in more reading, which then leads to better literacy development and later success in life.  Additionally, the Library Research Center reported in their study that there is a direct correlation between school libraries and student achievement.  One study highlighted that "reading scores increase with the improvements in library media programs." In an effort to close the literacy gap in our community, we want to provide our students with rigorous, relevant, and interesting leveled books.

Additionally, the multi-media library will also provide access to much needed technology (computers and tablets) and an environment to support both classroom projects and individual student studies. This environment will help prepare our students for post-secondary programs, where library use is paramount to success.  It will also support the development of technology skills needed for success in a technology-driven world.

This multi-media Gratz community library will feature the following spaces:

  • The Resource Center: Catologed books and articles, resources for Voter Registration, Employment Searches, GED programs 
  • Tutoring Center/Lecture Hall
  • Technology Lab  

These funds will be used to buy:

  • Multiple genre books (grade levels 3-12) to support literacy development for all learners
  • Digital Downloads of books
  • Class sets of tablets
  • Desktop computers
  • Audiobook Recordings
  • Scholarly Journal Licenses
  • Installed programs: Encyclopedias and Approved Content Programs
  • Furniture and shelving

Any donation amount is appreciated, but donors may also choose to provide the following monetary amounts as a sponsorship:

All donors will receive a handwritten letter from a Simon Gratz student and invitation to our grand opening celebration!

We thank you for your support, and our students do too!


If we do not meet our goal...

Any little bit helps! If we do not meet our goal, we will purchase as many resources as possible with the funds that are collected.

Suggested Investments


Bulldog Club

Help purchase consumable supplies to keep our library functioning! Your name will be featured on our library banner.
Invest $20


Cherry & White Club

Your donation will be used to purchase kindles and annual magazine/periodical subscriptions! Your name will be added to the library recognition plaque.
Invest $50


1925 Club

Help sponsor a whole set of books! Your name will be featured on an individual bookshelf recognition plaque.
Invest $100


1798 Club

Help purchase a reference set or online database subscription! Your name will be featured on a small individual bookcase with recognition plaque.
Invest $250


Simon Gratz Legacy

Help purchase desktop computers and software! Your name will be featured on a large individual bookcase with recognition plaque.
Invest $500

Simon Gratz Staff

Secondary Education Teachers, Mastery Charter Schools Foundation

Hello! We are a group of passionate educators in North Philadelphia, who want to instill a love of learning in our students through access to top technology, books, and opportunities!

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John & Naomi Dewey April 20, 2017

Pledged in honor of Isobel Dewey

Marian L Shatto March 14, 2017

This donation is in memory of Jane M. Shatto, the librarian who birthed and nurtured me. My parents met in the library where Mom was working the reference desk and Daddy came in looking for a particular book on microbes.

Maria March 12, 2017

Pledged in honor of Molly Getz who fights illiteracy every day.

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