Chess Sets for Turner Boys Basketball Team

Verified Non-Profit

Verified Non-Profit

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Any and all money donated will go to help to enrich the experience of the student-athletes in the boys basketball program at Turner High School, in Kansas City, KS.  Turner is a Title I school in an underprivileged area, with roughly 82% of students on free or reduced lunch.  This often makes it difficult for families to pay for all of the extra expenditures that come with playing high school basketball.

The Turner Boys Basketball Program has a saying "Chess not Checkers," which means we want to be thinking two moves (passes) ahead of our opponent.  We are teaching our student-athletes to be proactive and not reactive.  We want to think and plan ahead, so when we are faced with adversity in life we are prepared to handle it.

When the coaching staff first started saying "Chess not Checkers", we were faced with the realization that the vast majority had never played chess and/or didn't even know what it was.

Your investments will change that.  We want to make the game of chess a valuable piece of our culture at Turner.  We have required study hall and team time built into our weekly schedule.  We'd like to provide an opportunity to play a teammate in chess when homework is completed.

Chess has many benefits in the areas of cognition, strategy, and problem-solving. Our study halls and team time are constantly on the move.  These portable chess sets will allow us to store and maintain flexibility. This money will provide us with everything we need to teach our student-athletes this wonderful game that teaches valuable life lessons.

How your investments will be spent:

15 Triple Weighted Archer Combo Set @ $14.99 = $224.85

Tax = $13.66

Pledgecents & Credit Card fees (8%) = $19.09

Grand Total= $224.85 + $13.66 + $19.09 = $257.60

Back Up Plan

If we do not meet our goal we will purchase as many chess sets as we can afford.

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Educator and Basketball Coach. Currently working to enrich the lives of high school students at Turner High School is Kansas City, KS. Cultivating student passion for learning, increasing intrinsic motivation, spreading positive culture, and DEFENSE are a few things near and dear to my heart.