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With these funds I will be able to give my classroom library a full makeover. My classroom library is filled with many levels of texts in a variety of genres and student interest. Each bin is labeled by either the topic or author. The students have full access to hundreds of books without even having to leave our classroom. It is a place where they can pick books that are just right for them and do not have to worry about a due date to return the books. Through the years of being a very well loved area, the book bins have cracked or broken from over usage and it's time to for a complete makeover. My students deserve to have books organized and ready for their use simply because they are eager learners who love to read. The book bins I would like to purchase cost $24.99 for a set of four. My class needs 8 sets in order to at least replace the broken or run down book bins that are currently in place. I will be ordering from Really Good Stuff

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If I do not meet my goal I will purchase less quantities of these book bins and replace what book bins I can. I will resubmit a project/cause and hope for more funding since this is very important to my class.

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I'm a very passionate first grade teacher located in sunny Florida who strives to offer students the very best!

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