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With these funds I will have the opportunity to offer differentiated text and text styles for my students to utilize during small group instruction. This resource will make me a more effective teacher by providing me with text formats that match students day to day life and reaches them on a more personal level. My classroom is diverse in skill level, knowledge level, English language proficiency, and interest. They are bright and perform well in a small group setting. Having available resources to differentiate these small groups is imperative when designing my instruction. I will be purchasing the item requested through Lakeshore Learning. The set I would like to see added to our classroom resources is the High Interest Nonfiction Text Set. It is $139.00. The link will take you to the description of the resource.  High-Interest Nonfiction Text Sets Gr. 3-4 - Complete Series

Shipping costs are included. 


Back Up Plan

If I do not meet my goal I will purchase the "High Interest Intervention"set of resources to use in small group. They are $95.00 for a complete set of 24 story cards. Click on the link to access a more clear description. 

If funds are not met for that purchase, I will use available funds to improve upon our classroom library.

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I'm just a Florida teacher with Georgia on my mind, a passion for making a difference one child at a time, and an addiction to my sweet little family!

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