Bringing "Raisin" to the Shoemaker Stage!

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Verified Non-Profit

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It is the goal of Mastery Shoemaker to create a legacy performing arts program that will excite and engage students, especially those who might not otherwise be interested or active in school.  Providing access to performance and technical opportunities in the area of performance arts is not only a goal for our students, but for our community as well.

Last year Mastery Shoemaker held its first production, “Once on an Island”, and with the support of the people like you, we plan to share with others our production of “Raisin” this spring.

The production of “Raisin” will involve over 80 students from beginning to end and will provide opportunities from pre-production to post-production.  Our project objectives include providing performance and technical theater, accessibility to quality live theater of a high production value and cultural relevance for our community, and an overall educational opportunity through the material itself that can be folded into the classroom experience for students in our 7th to 12th grades.

With involvement from approximately 80 students, the artistic impact on expanding their education through a real-world theatrical experience is beyond measure. Students will not only gain skills in areas of performance, use of industry standard sound, light and equipment, but they will also work on team building and leadership.

Academically, more than 60% of those who have participated in past performance arts at Shoemaker have also been accepted into our dual enrollment program with the Community College of Philadelphia. School attendance among participants is also higher than those not participating due to their commitment to the program. Beyond these measurements, it is through the impact on our students and community that our success will be measured. Audience reaction will be noted during intermission and after the show by way of opinion cards.

Beyond the impact on the cast and production team, students in 7th grade classrooms will be reading “A Raisin in the Sun”.  Cast members will then bring the story to life by visiting each class “in-character” to discuss the story.

Community impact is substantial.  Last year’s production garnered praise from the community-at-large for providing a quality production at an affordable price. The socio-economic reality of our surrounding area makes opportunities to attend live performances unlikely. With this production, and ongoing theater arts program, we will continue to strive to provide as close to a professional level production as possible. “Raisin” is a familiar story told in an unfamiliar way, presented through culturally relevant musical forms by members of the community. It is our hope that through continued public interest and support, the plan to become a self-sustaining program will be within reach.

With a second year of success, we will have the ability to share our processes with other Mastery campuses interested in investing in their own large performing arts programs through professional development lessons as well as inter-campus/inter-network projects. To that end, there is no limit to the long-term impact this program can have on our students and local communities.  

We have been fundraising for this performance as the total cost to put on the show is $24,000. We have $5,000 left to raise and need your help! School operating budgets do not allow for many enrichment activities many schools have. Without help from others, we cannot make this happen.  Of the funds we've raised to-date, we're still in need of $3,000 for costumes and props as well as an additional $2,000 for set construction and painting. We have many wonderful community members helping put on this show but there are costs that must still be covered. 

Back Up Plan

If I do not meet my goal I will use whatever funds raised toward this production as well as continue to raise more funds to bring it to life to the best of our ability. 

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At Mastery Charter Schools, we believe all children deserve high-quality education, regardless of their zip-code.

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