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Verified Non-Profit

Verified Non-Profit

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My students need access to books on their level. Raz-Kids will give students the ability to read books independently on their individual level. This will help support and foster our reading curriculum. Students can easily be frustrated with reading when they don’t have a variety of texts to read on their level. Having books that are too easy or too hard can deter a child from wanting to read. As developing readers, these students need to have access to fluent reading multiple times a day. This can be achieved through the use of listening to a book on Raz-Kids. Allowing access to this variety of books on their individual level will enable each of my students to build their confidence and develop a love of reading. The children will be able to improve their reading skills when they have access to text on their specific reading levels. The students earn stars to be able to "buy" parts to build a robot and spaceship. Students are super motivated to read, take quizzes and listen to stories to earn stars. 

With this money I will purchase a 1 year one class subscription to Raz-Kids which will give access to 145 4th-8th graders!

1year Subscription costs $109.95



Back Up Plan

If I do not meet my goal I will use the funds and make up the difference of funds on my own or with a co-worker.

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I have been teaching for many years and have always enjoyed it. Currently, I teach a Writing Special and Sixth Grade.