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Verified Non-Profit

Verified Non-Profit

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Any and all money donated will go to help to enrich the experience of the student-athletes in the girls basketball program at Turner High School, in Kansas City, KS.  Turner is a Title I school in an underprivileged area, with roughly 82% of students on free or reduced lunch.  This often makes it difficult for families to pay for all of the extra expenditures that come with playing high school basketball.

Turner student-athletes deserve the best! However, our budget and uniform replacement schedule does not keep up with all of the needs of the program.  Confidence is a key component of being successful as a student-athlete.  Ten time Olympic medalist Carl Lewis said, "If you do NOT have confidence, you'll always find a way to NOT win."  Providing our student-athletes with updated clothing and equipment will help us build the confidence necessary to succeed. 

Our first major need is game uniforms.
We are purchasing brand new home and away Nike game uniforms for the Junior Varsity and Varsity team.  They look really nice, and the student-athletes will love them.  However, they are EXPENSIVE.  Along with the 12 reversible practice jerseys, all student-athletes in the entire program will have the same quality, reversible practice jersey.

21 Nike Women's Hyperlite White Jerseys @ $33 per = $693
21 Nike Women's Hyperlite White Shorts @ $33 per = $693
21 Nike Women's Hyperlite Black Jerseys @ $33 per = $693
21 Nike Women's Hyperlite Black Shorts @ $33 per = $693
12 Nike Reversible Practice Jerseys @ $36 per = $432
Shipping = $75
Total = $3279

Our next major need is a food budget.
On nights that we have games, all three teams play one after another.  This means for a road game, our entire program will get on the bus right after school and will not have an opportunity eat dinner.  If we do not provide food, our Freshman student-athletes will be playing 7:00PM games on empty stomachs.  We are actively seeking out food donations, so if you are aware of a business wanting to help please contact Assistant Coach Chad Menking, menkingc@turnerusd202.org.

Hy-Vee offers an "Old Fashioned Box Lunch" that includes a sandwich, chips, whole fruit and cookie.  
The Hy-Vee in Mission, KS has generously offered to discount the price of these box lunches to $4.  Thank you Hy-Vee!
45 people in the program X $4 per box lunch = $180 per Road game
$180 x 14 Road games = $2,520 

Additional team needs include accessory equipment for our student-athletes.
25 Nike Brasilia XL Backpacks @ $30 Per = $750 

12 Nike Women's Elite Long Sleeve Shooter Top @ $36 per = $432 

36 Nike Women's KO FZ Hoody and Pant @ $69 per = $1,329

We will need to embroider logos on our additional accessory equipment. Rough estimate=$400
Total= $2,911

$3,279 + $2,520 + $2,911 = $8,710

$8,710 + $260 (3% payment processing fees) = $8,960

Any additional funds raised will go into our THS Girls Basketball Athletic Fund.  This fund will help our student-athletes with additional assistance with equipment such as basketball shoes, ankle braces, socks.  We will also use any remaining amount to help fund our off-season programs that consist of team camps, summer leagues and travel expenses to participate in these opportunities! 

We have a great group of student-athletes in the basketball program here at Turner High School.  Your donations will help alleviate the stress involved in the strenuous task that is fundraising.  The added resources, time, and effort will be used to enhance the lives of these young women through team building, community service, and personal improvement, with our focus this year being on Respect, Responsibility and being Engaged!

Thank you for your time and consideration in donating to this wonderful cause.
Feel free to contact Head Coach Brittani Hendrix with any questions hendrixb@turnerusd202.org.


Back Up Plan

If we do not meet our goal, every single dollar will be used to benefit the student-athletes in our girls basketball program at Turner High School. 

Our beautiful new home and away Nike jerseys will be the first item the funds will be used towards.  The next priority will be funding our food budget for the season.  Lastly, we will fund the additional equipment needs.

Additional fundraising will be needed to supply the remaining clothing, food, and equipment needs. 

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