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With these funds we will inspire girls to pursue careers in STEM related fields. By the time a girl reaches 5th grade, our culture has told her that it is not acceptable for her to be interested in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Here at PTISD, we feel our girls deserve the opportunity to be told "Yes you can!" Therefore, we will be hosting our 1st annual event where we will ignite a fire in these girls to become involved in these fields. Our two day event will serve approximately 200 girls in grades 3 - 12. During the event, girls will rotate through a variety of STEM stations that include Makey-Makey, PocketLab, Ozobot, Sphero, littleBits, drones, Break Out kits, Rube Goldberg machine building, and earth moving simulators. After the event, we plan to start after school clubs to give girls a place to explore and fall in love with STEM. We hope that you will join us in supporting our passion for inspiring girls to become involved with STEM.

This is where you come in! With every generous donation that is made littleBits will be one step closer to my students’ hands.

Here is the breakdown in cost for fundraising for littleBits

  • Student STEAM Set (x5) - $1,424.75
  • Preferred Partner Program - $173.80
  • PledgeCents Platform Fee - $86.90
  • Payment Processing Fee - $52.14
  • Total - $1,738.00 (rounded up to the nearest dollar)

Back Up Plan

If I do not meet my goal I will purchase as much of the equipment that our available funds will allow. We may have to cut out some stations or make the groups larger. If the groups are larger, the students get less interaction with the devices and the projects.

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