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Verified Non-Profit

Verified Non-Profit

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With these funds I will purchase 5 Sanyo tablets. Each tablet costs $49.99 at Walmart (includes the case and a keyboard).

Tablets introduce a whole new set of tools to the classroom and my students can benefit in many ways. Tablets will bring both an environmental and an educational impact to my students.

My students are beautiful and brilliant.  Our class consists of multi-level learners. Our class goal is to learn 1,000 sight words by the end of the year. Our school is a high poverty Title One school, meaning that 100% of our students receive free or reduced priced lunch. Our school is located in a high poverty area. My students work very hard everyday. Our class has a 98% attendance rate, which means they rarely miss school. We value our learning time.

The students will use the tablets during language arts and math center time. In language arts, the students will be able to practice the skills learned using the app Vocabulary City which I can differentiate for the students so that they can learn on their level. We will use the tablets to practice and learn sight words. Sight words are words that the students should know by sight. Most of these words can not be sounded out. During math, the student will use IXL (a math app) to practice math facts in addition and subtraction.

Donations to this project will improve all the students learning and understanding of Common Core objectives.

The size and durability of tablets make them ideal for my first graders to use while rotating through their learning groups. The tablets will allow me to tailor instruction for my students with special needs and language barriers. This will change my students' educational lives for the better owing to the fact that this will help me reach all the students in the classroom.

Back Up Plan

If I do not meet my goal I will purchase still purchase the tablets according to the amount raised.

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Hello I am a first year first grade teacher at Winchester Elementary. We are located in the community of Whitehaven in Memphis, Tennessee. Winchester Elementary is a Title 1 school, meaning that the majority of my students qualify for free or reduced lunch. I am committed to my students. Our class moto is that everything is possible. I am raising money for my students so that I can provide them the books and supplies they need in order to engage in a rigorous curriculum and allow my first grader be successful citizens. Reading skills are priority 1 in my classroom and we need chapter books that my students will be excited to read.
Thank you for taking the time to check out what I am embarking on this year. Additu, if you have any supplies or books that you would like to donate, please reach out to me or you can send or drop them off at Winchester Elementary care of Denise Wilson. I really appreciate all of your support.

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