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Verified Non-Profit

Verified Non-Profit

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In many cases my classroom makes due with the resources available.  This sometimes is not what my students need nor deserve.  I have already taken steps to start building the library. Getting new or gently used books, but to have 600 dollars worth of books on the first day of school would be amazing.  If you are like me, you have read countless books not because you had to, but because you enjoyed the journey that you went through within that book.  I want to build a love of reading within my classroom.  To do that I need books that are relevant to my students.  

They deserve many things, but with these books they will gain knowledge they otherwise wouldn't have gotten.  They will find an author that they love to read, a character that they can't forget, a hero that looks and sounds like them...  I remember the book that made me love reading.  I want my students to have that same experience within my classroom because if they do, for the rest of their lives they will be searching for that next great novel that touches them in that same way.  I hope to provide every child in my classroom with that experience next year.  With your help we can change how 80 students feel about reading.

With these funds I fiction and non-fiction novels and texts for my student library.  Depending on the money raised I will try to get as many books to fill my library as possible.  If I get the full $600 some of it will go to buying sets of books for small group instruction, so we can do book clubs which would be really exciting.  The other part will go towards buying new and interesting novels for my students, that they will love reading.  I hope you will help.  The funds will go a long way towards improving my classroom library for the coming school year.

Back Up Plan

If I do not meet my goal I will many books as possible.  I will buy fiction and non-fiction texts.  If I do not get the funds I will not be able to buy sets of books that I then can use in small group.

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About the Creator

I am Jared Braun. I grew up in New Jersey and studied elementary education at TCNJ. I play sports once a week with my kiddos after school for fun.

I have been working at my school for the past three years. I teach math right now, but will be teaching all subjects next year. I have been extremely lucky to have taught fifth grade all three years while in Texas.

I realized in high school that I was most happy when working with children. Once I realized that, I knew, I had to do this work. I have learned that every child is different, and they all need support from me in someway. I love the challenges that pop up and seeing how happy students get about the little things. It is exciting every day.