Classroom Supplies for the New Bache-Martin Kindergarten Room! by Emmaline Imbriglia, Bache Martin Elementary School verified non-profit

This Cause Has Ended
Launched Jun 26, 2016
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This Cause Has Ended
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With these funds I will purchase the classroom furniture, teacher tools, and everyday supplies necessary to provide Bache-Martin kindergarteners with a well-rounded learning environment! As a first year teacher, there are many items that I do not yet have, and unfortunately it often falls on teachers to pay for these items ourselves. Below is a comprehensive list of the items I plan to buy with any donations!


Lakeshore – Leveled Books Classroom Library 1, 2: $322.00

How I will use this item: I plan to buy just the book sets for reading levels A-F so that students can choose from a variety of books in a leveled classroom library. Students will be able to “bookshop” from the library and keep a set of books in their personal book boxes.


Lakeshore – STEM Nonfiction K-1 Bookset: $53.50

How I will use this item: This bookset will also be a part of the classroom library and be a great tool for students who are interested in STEM topics.


Lakeshore – I Can Read Level 1 Bookset: $39.50

How I will use this item: This bookset will also be a part of the classroom library.


Lakeshore – Best Buy Listening Center: $99.50, includes 4 headphones, junction box, and metal storage center (does not include actual CD player).

How I will use this item: Listening stations are a great centers option, and I plan to purchase books and CDs to accompany this center.


Amazon – Portable CD Player: $59.40

How I will use this item: This CD player will go along with the Lakeshore Listening Center.


Amazon – White boards for students: $35.70, pack of 24 boards

How I will use this item: White boards that students can hold in their laps are great for practicing writing words and phonics, as well as math skills such as addition and subtraction.


Amazon – Library Topper with Storage: $209.95


Amazon – Learning Resource Snap Cubes (Two orders): $20.68

How I will use this item: Snap cubes are helpful manipulatives to use during math lessons, particularly as students are learning one-to-one correspondence and addition.


Amazon – Wooden Block Set (Two orders): $36.02

How I will use this item: Blocks are wonderful to have around for indoor recess and free time!


Amazon – Hand Pointers: $9.79

How I will use this item: The pointers will be used during Shared Reading, allowing both the reader and the audience to more easily track words.


Amazon – Organization Center Pocket Chart: $26.42

How I will use this item: This pocket chart will help organize students’ “home” folders in which homework and announcements are sent to home.


Amazon – Scotch Laminator: $25.99

How I will use this item: Not surprisingly, paper items and photos can get destroyed pretty easily in a kindergarten classroom. This laminator will help me make photos and important documents sturdier.


If we do not meet our goal...

If I do not meet my goal I will purchase the listening center and the books for the classroom library, as I feel that these items will be used on a daily basis from the beginning of the year on. If we surpass my goal, I will spend the extra money on more organizational furniture and of course, more library books!

Emmaline Imbriglia

Kindergarten Teacher, Bache Martin Elementary School

I am a first year teacher at Bache-Martin School in Philadelphia, and I could not be more excited to join the kindergarten team! After studying educational psychology and social work, I earned my MSEd. at UPenn. As a first year teacher, I am lacking many supplies, so I created this Pledge Cents to help get the ball rolling.

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Bache-Martin is a K-8 school with 460 students. Bache-Martin is located in the Fairmount section of Philadelphia. Bache-Martin serves portions of the Fairmount, Francisville, and Spring Garden communities. Our school is 65% African American, 13.6% white, 8.2% Latino and 12.5% other. The vision of the Bache Martin School community is that every child will learn to his/her full potential. This will be an ongoing process with continuous feedback using the results of various and numerous assessment tools. Quality instructional practices will be utilized and appropriate adjustments made in instruction in order to provide the best education possible for every student in our school community. Ongoing professional development will take place to strengthen instruction in the standards where standardized test data reveals weaknesses in the students' knowledge. The mission of the Bache Martin School is to develop knowledgeable lifelong learners who are challenged to meet their individual potential and who can effectively communicate, express themselves creatively, use technology appropriately, solve problems using higher order thinking skills, work cooperatively, understand and respect cultural diversity,adapt to change, and be responsible and productive in society.

Thank you and a quick update!!!

June 28, 2016

Hi everyone!

Wow. Needless to say I am overwhelmed with all of your generosity and support! Almost $800 in less than 24 hours. That has to be some kind of record! Not going to lie, I teared up more than a few times yesterday after multiple people I have "lost touch with" donated and we reconnected. I am so lucky to have such supportive people in my life!

After some consideration and advice from the Pledge Cents team (who have been so friendly and helpful), I have decided to increase my fundraising goal from $1,150 to $1,500. I will use the extra $350 to purchase big books for shared reading, more books for the classroom library, chart paper, and to cover shipping costs.

I would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who has donated so far, and encourage anyone who is considering donating to keep the ball rolling!




Emmaline Imbriglia

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Kelly Gigliotti August 16, 2016

Maya is so excited to start Kindergarten at Bache! Look forward to meeting you Ms. Imbriglia :)

Kate Ivory June 27, 2016

Go Teacher Emma!!!!

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