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Verified Non-Profit

Verified Non-Profit

The Description

As a reading teacher, my students often are on different levels. This includes variance in vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency. This makes it difficult when students select their own books to read. My students often want to pick stories that are the most popular, even if it is too advanced for their current level. Unfortunately, this leads to them being frustrated and disengaged.

With Tales2Go, students can select that same popular story from the audio library and have it read to them as they follow along. This allows them to hear the words that they struggle with, building their vocabulary and fluency. When used with the graphic organizers and other activities Tales2Go provides, students on average acquire critical reading and comprehension skills three months faster.

This is where you come in. Access to Tales2Go for my students comes at a small price and every dollar you invest brings this amazing program one step closer to my classroom.

Here is the breakdown in cost for fundraising for tales2go

  • tales2go - $250.00
  • Preferred Partner Program - $29.50
  • PledgeCents Platform Fee - $14.75
  • Total - $295.00 (rounded up to the nearest dollar)

Back Up Plan

I will purchase as many months as possible for my classroom so my students are able to experience Tales2Go's great tool.

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