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Austin, Texas


Everyone, regardless of socio-economic circumstance or background, deserves choice and opportunity. At KIPP Austin Obras, we believe that the power to guarantee choice and opportunity in life begins with a rigorous and relevant education that cultivates critical thinking, ownership of knowledge, and independence in our students. By strengthening our students’ academic skills, intellectual habits, and character traits through two-way Spanish/English dual immersion, student-led learning, intentionally relevant content, and blended learning we prepare students to thrive in and graduate from four-year colleges and universities. We forge a sense of team and family with families and members of the Austin community to create a school community that is stronger in unity than the sum of its parts. A key component of the KIPP Austin Obras curriculum features blended learning, which means that every student has an individualized learning path that is designed just for them using advanced computer programs that measure where each student is and adjusts instruction accordingly to challenge them with new material. This path makes sure that differentiation is occurring for every single student so that each one makes significant growth over the course of the school year, while providing teachers with immediate access to daily data that allows them to plan small group instruction efficiently for the following day.
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Matthew Salisbury

Assistant Principal

I'm an educator at KIPP: Austin Obras Elementary, a dual language elementary school in Austin, TX. Our school is working hard to close the opportunity gap by providing a rigorous education with high expectations to all of our students.

Briana Anderson

Assistant Principal

I am an assistant principal at a growing KIPP Austin Elementary school, called KIPP Austin Obras. We are a dual-language school in Austin, Texas.

Noah Siegler

Fine Arts

I teach Fine Arts at KIPP Austin Obras. We cover everything from music, to street art, to stop-motion animation, to photography. Check out what we're doing at

Annie Villanueva

First Grade Teacher

First Grade Teacher at KIPP Austin Obras

Connie Miralrio

KIPP Parent

My son's school KIPP Austin Obras is raising money to start a school library. The Goals is to Raise $25,000. By March 9th. I created this account in Honor of my son Angel Adam's Birthday, in Lieu of Birthday gifts Please donate to this Important Fund =) Thank you, Miralrio Family

Nicole Cimo

2nd Grade Teacher

I am a 2nd grade teacher at KIPP Austin Obras.

Amy Montoya

2nd grade SPT

Teacher at KIPP Austin Obras

Anne Megargel

2nd grade

2nd Grade Bilingual Teacher in Austin, TX

Rebecca Dey

3rd Grade Teacher

I am a 3rd grade teacher at KIPP Austin Obras

Gabrielle Assatag

2nd grade

I'm a second grade teacher at KIPP Austin Obras.

Shaun Reid

Kindergarten Teacher

Kindergarten Teacher

Kelsey Lyles

2nd grade teacher

I'm a second grade teacher.

Kelsey Sallade

3rd Grade Teacher

I am a teacher at Kipp Austin Obras.

Beatriz Salgado



Megan Oliva

2nd grade teacher


Ricky Rodriguez


KIPP Austin Obras

Shanae Wooten

1st grade teacher

I'm a first grade teacher.

Ana Arredondo

1st Grade Spanish

Spanish teacher from Kipp Austin Obras.

Talitha Tanksley

Kindergarten Teacher

I am a kindergarten teacher at KIPP Austin Obras Elementary.

Jade Hammer

1st Grade Teacher


Briana Anderson

Assistant Principal

I'm an instructional AP at KIPP Austin Obras.

Lucy Steffano

First grade teacher

First grade Spanish teacher.

Marissa Moreno

2nd grade

I am a teacher at KIPP Austin Obras.

Anne Megargel

2nd Grade


Shawnell Anderson

1st Grade

First Grade Teacher

Martha Elizondo Seanez

2nd grade teacher

I am a second grade Teacher at KIPP Austin Obras.