Turner Golden Bears Boys Basketball Food and Clothing for 2016-2017 Season by Ryan Hintz, Turner High School verified non-profit

This Cause Has Ended
Launched Sep 23, 2016
Ends Nov 01, 2016
This Cause Has Ended
Category: Health & Athletics
Class Size: 35
Grade: 9th - 12th 

Any and all money donated will go to help to enrich the experience of the student-athletes in the boys basketball program at Turner High School, in Kansas City, KS.  Turner is a Title I school in an underprivileged area, with roughly 82% of students on free or reduced lunch.  This often makes it difficult for families to pay for all of the extra expenditures that come with playing high school basketball.

Turner student-athletes deserve the best. However, our budget and uniform replacement schedule does not keep up with all of the needs of the program.   Confidence is a key component of being successful as a student-athlete.  Ten time Olympic medalist Carl Lewis said, "If you do NOT have confidence, you'll always find a way to NOT win."  Providing our student-athletes with updated clothing and equipment will help us build the confidence necessary to succeed. 

Our first major need is game uniforms.
We are purchasing brand new home and away Nike game uniforms for the Varsity and Junior Varsity teams.  They look really nice, and the student-athletes will love them.  However, they are EXPENSIVE.  You can see what the uniforms will look like here. With the seventeen reversible practice jerseys, all student-athletes in the entire program will have the same quality, reversible practice jersey.

21 Nike Elite Crossover White Jerseys @ $46 per = $966
21 Nike Elite Crossover White Shorts @ $46 per = $966
21 Nike Elite Crossover Black Jerseys @ $46 per = $966
21 Nike Elite Crossover Black Shorts @ $46 per = $966
17 Russell Reversible Sublimated Practice Jerseys @ $42 per =$714
Shipping = $75
Total = $4653

Our next major need is a food budget.
On nights that we have games, all three teams play one after another.  This means for a road game, our entire program will get on the bus right after school and will not have an opportunity eat dinner.  If we do not provide food, our Varsity student-athletes will be playing 7:00PM games on empty stomachs.  We are actively seeking out food donations, so if you are aware of a business wanting to help please contact Assistant Coach Michael Hutchingson, hutchingsonm@turnerusd202.org.

Hy-Vee offers an "Old Fashioned Box Lunch" that includes a sandwich, chips, whole fruit and cookie.  
The Hy-Vee in Mission, KS has generously offered to discount the price of these box lunches to $4.  Thank you Hy-Vee!
35 people in the program X $4 per box lunch = $140 per Road game
$140 x 14 Road games = $1,960 

Additional team needs include accessory equipment for our student-athletes.
21 Nike Club Team Swoosh Backpacks @ $30 Per = $630
35 Nike Team Legend Crew Long Sleeve Shooting Shirts @ $25 per = $875
35 Nike Cuff Knit Stocking Caps @ $13 per = $455

We will need to embroider logos on our additional accessory equipment. Rough estimate=$500


$4,653 + $1,960 + $,2460 = $9,073  

$9,073*.05 (PledgeCents fees)= $454

$9,073 + $454 = $9,527

If we exceed our goal, all additional funds will go into the Winnie the Pooh Fund - Friend of the Program.  This fund is set up to help student-athletes in need of help paying for opportunities in the off-season such as summer camp, summer tournaments, travel expenses, basketball shoes, and ankle braces.  "A friend is one of the nicest things you can have and one of the best things you can be." - Douglas Pagels, Author and Basketball Coach

We have a great group of student-athletes in the basketball program.  Your donations will help alleviate the stress involved in the onerous task that is fundraising.  The added resources, time, and effort will be used to enrich the lives of these young men through team building, community service, and personal improvement.

Thank you for your time and consideration in donating to this wonderful cause.
Feel free to contact Head Coach Ryan Hintz with any questions hintzr@turnerusd202.org.

If we do not meet our goal...

If we do not meet our goal, every single dollar will be used to benefit the student-athletes in our boys basketball program at Turner High School. 

Our beautiful new home and away Nike jerseys will be the first item the funds will be used towards.  The next priority will be funding our food budget for the season.  Lastly, we will fund the additional equipment needs.

Additional fundraising will be needed to supply the remaining clothing, food, and equipment needs. 

Suggested Investments


Golden Bear Level

Become a Golden Bear Sponsor! This is a great way to donate to help our student-athletes.
Invest $25


Platinum Bear Level

Become a Platinum Bear Sponsor! This is an excellent way to donate to help our student-athletes.
Invest $50


Sponsor 1 Student-Athlete's Food

This amount will cover the cost to sponsor one student-athlete's meals for each of our 21 game nights.
Invest $105


Team Food Sponsor- 1 Game Night

This amount will cover the cost of feeding the entire program for one game night.
Invest $150


Sponsor 1 Student-Athlete's Clothing

This amount will cover costs of a Varsity/JV student-athlete's uniform and clothing needs for the season.
Invest $300

Ryan Hintz

Head Boys Basketball Coach, Turner High School

Educator and Basketball Coach. Currently working to enrich the lives of high school students at Turner High School is Kansas City, KS. Cultivating student passion for learning, increasing intrinsic motivation, spreading positive culture, and DEFENSE are a few things near and dear to my heart.

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Turner High School, founded in 1916, is located in southern Wyandotte County within the city of Kansas City, Kansas. With approximately 1,100 students in grades 9-12 Turner High School competes in the Kansas State High School Activities Associations (KSHSAA) Class 5A and are known state-wide as the Turner Golden Bears. Turner High School offers many academic and athletic co-curricular and extra-curricular opportunities for student involvement such as: Band, Choir, Forensics, Debate, National Honor Society, KAYS, Drama, as well as fourteen varsity and sub-varsity sports including Volleyball, Cheerleading, Drill Team, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Cross Country, Swimming, Wrestling, and Bowling, Soccer, Golf, and Track and Field. Turner High School has a rich tradition of diversity and solid academic excellence.

Combining the community strengths with a highly qualified staff, we will implement a rigorous curriculum which includes technological competency, critical thinking, cultural awareness, and the acceptance of others while using instructional strategies that foster creativity and collaboration.

Our jerseys our AWESOME! Thank you

November 27, 2016


Our new jerseys arrived!  They look really nice, and our student-athletes love them.  It is difficult to put into words, how much of a positive impact this fundraiser has had on our program.  Thank you so much for your donations.  Know that your investment has helped build confidence and excitement.  We have a lot of updates coming down the pipeline.  Our Black and Gold Scrimmage night is Monday, Nov. 28 from 4:30-6.  Our first game is Friday, Dec 2 7:15(V) at Turner High School.  Thank you for your support.


We won $200! Over half way to our goal!

October 20, 2016

I apologize for bombarding your inbox recently, however, updates are needed.  I want to thank everyone for the support yesterday.  We raised over $800 in one day! KMBC came up to the high school at 6AM to help us promote our fundraiser.  I'd like to thank them for their support.  You can watch the story and our student-athletes' great interviews here.  Additionally, we were entered into 3 contests by PledgeCents throughout the day.  We had great support from everyone, and ended up finishing in second place twice, and finally won the last contest and a $200 prize.  Thank you so much for your continued support. 

Our lofty goal of almost to $10,000 is in reach.  In a little over two weeks, you all have generously donated over $5,000! We have reached 55% of our goal, and have 13 days left to raise the rest.  I know we can continue to raise the funds to pay for the needs of our student-athletes.  Please continue to share out the cause to friends, family, and co-workers through email, text, twitter, and Facebook, and I promise not to email you for at least 5 days...

Thank you,

Ryan Hintz

Contest - Wednesday Oct. 19

October 19, 2016

PledgeCents has entered our cause in a donation contest for a chance to win a free $800.  We are going against 19 other causes and the cause that raises the most money TODAY, Wednesday, Oct 19th can win up to $800 towards our cause.

There will be 3 contests throughout the day:

Raise the most funds from 8am-1pm CST = win $200

Raise the most funds from 1pm-7pm CST = win $400

Raise the most funds from 7pm-12pm CST = win $200

So please send out our cause and mention it to friends, family, and co-workers.

Thank you for your continued support,

Ryan Hintz

PledgeCents Update 10/14

October 14, 2016

We are absolutely blown away by the support and generosity shown towards the Turner Boys Basketball Program.  Over the last 10 days, our cause has received 37 donations for over $3,000!  This puts our cause at 33% of our overall goal of $9,527. 

While the KC Metro area has been our main support, this cause has spread across the entire United States.  We’ve received donations from New York, North Carolina, Florida, Texas, Arizona, and California.  This couldn’t happen without our supporters sharing our link with their networks.

I’d like to personally thank the support from friends, family, the WJC KA ’04 pledge class, the BVN basketball family, the SME basketball family, and the family of former Turner High School Principal, Robert Wilkins.  I am truly humbled by your willingness to support the Turner Boys Basketball Program.

The student-athletes this cause is directly impacting wanted to thank everyone that has helped us thus far.  Please enjoy this video as a small token of our appreciation.  Our student-athletes are very grateful and had a lot of fun making the video.  https://youtu.be/Uni78rGLOH8

This is only the beginning... As pleased as we are with our progress, we have a long way to go.  Please continue to share our cause with friends, family, and co-workers through text, email, and social media (twitter, Facebook, etc.).

Thank you very much and let’s keep this thing going!


Ryan Hintz

Virginia Hammes
Laura Gilchrist x 2
Robert E Chenoweth
Danna Haverty
Philip Cantwell
Sharon Brashears
Edward Coan
Josh House
Diana Blessen
Leann Capp
x 2
Colby Bullock
Gary Street
Carrie and Kyle Turner
Brent Maxwell
Harrison Frazier
Monty & Cate Hintz
Jane Dolan
Lee Wilkins
Jane Koontz
Lindsay Wilkins Wehlage
John Huebner
Mitch Morgan
Nancy Shaffer
Kelli Hernandez
Cole A Erdmann
Larry Dado
Nick & Elena Clark
Greg Basye
Davey Krause
Carol Lippoli
Charles Rinne
Clint Stull
Linda Neudorf
Brian Ebbitts
Bradford G Bray
Paula J House
Joe Pinaire
Rhodes Kelley
Adam johnston
Sandy and Brad Sullivan x 2
Amanda Clinkinbeard
C & J Wrights
chris seagraves
Joni Klemp
Mary Cheaney-Morley
Denise and Burrel Gaddy
Leah Bryant
Tracy Kruse
Jonathan Newman
Joanie Thelen
Adelaide Edwards x 2
Alex Blake
Michael Shanahan
Tammy Woodberry
Regan Beth
michael mejia
Scott and Amy Green
Corey Nebel
Tom Darnall
Sol Cortez
Steve Taylor
michael c joyce
Kevin Cantwell
Denice Martincich
William Stoddart
Christopher Knapp
Lauren Bell Parker
Alyssia Barton
Kristy Nguyen
Jared Broughton
Julie & Jack Foster
Jeff and Sharon Goble
John Kurtz
Bret May
Karly Qualls
Dr. Laura Huyett
Jacob Greco

Bell October 25, 2016

Can't wait to come watch the team this year!! You're a great coach, Ryan!

Mike & Carol October 22, 2016

Good Luck

Connie October 20, 2016

Appreciate you donating to our kids at Steubing Ranch Elementary in Texas yesterday during the contest. Wanted to return the favor to you and your team. Good luck and best wishes from Texas.

Corey October 20, 2016

Have a great season!

michael mejia October 19, 2016

Best wishes to the team all the way from San Diego, CA!

The Lippoli's October 12, 2016

Have a great season Coach!

Tim Dolan October 8, 2016

Thanks for some great years at North! I know you will have success at Turner. Good luck Coach!

Bullocks October 6, 2016

Wish you all the best this year Coach Hintz and the Golden Bears!

Laurel Chapman October 6, 2016

Coach Hintz,
Wishing you and your Bears much success in your fundraising efforts. We are happy to support you and your team. Cole says hello!
The Chapman Family

Ryan Hintz October 6, 2016

Thank you Jim. If you donate, I promise your money will go right to our food budget! Please consider sponsoring one student-athlete's food or sponsoring the entire team's meal for a game night.
Thank you for your consideration.
-Coach Hintz

jim October 5, 2016

if it was for Adidas I would donate but will not spend a single penny on nike

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