All of Us Will Read: Audiobooks for Struggling Readers!

Verified Non-Profit

Verified Non-Profit

The Description

With the help of the incredibly hardworking teachers, the students at KIPP 3D Academy love to read! However, some of the students, including those with Special Needs and English Language Learners, struggle to read on-level texts. These students desperately want to read the popular books their on-level peers read such as The Giver by Lois Lowry and The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, yet these texts are very challenging for them to read independently. Audiobooks help level the playing field, improve listening skills, and provide students with a motivating and fun way to independently access texts that they couldn't enjoy before. And, with Playaways, all-in-one audiobooks and audioplayers, the texts are made available in a small, fun, portable MP3, which makes listening even more convenient and fun!

With these funds I will purchase a set of Playaways, to help support and motivate struggling readers on campus ( At about $60.00 per audiobook, I can purchase 10 Playaways for my students. The 10 audiobooks will be added to the library collection and will be checked out to struggling readers. By providing Playaways in the library, the students can easily listen to their audiobooks in class and at home without the need for a large CD player, which can draw unwanted attention in class and cost money. Every student should be able to access any text they want to read and Playaways in the library can help make that happen. 

Back Up Plan

If we don't reach our entire goal we will purchase as many Playaways as we can and continue to seek out other ways to support our strugglling readers. 

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I believe reading is the gateway to knowledge and freedom. Five years ago, I started a library at my middle school, KIPP 3D Academy. Since then, I've worked to invest all of my students in reading. I won't stop until all of my students love books as much as I do!

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