KIPP Academy of Innovation Football Team by Jason Orona , KIPP Academy of Innovation verified non-profit

This Cause Has Ended
Launched Feb 16, 2017
Ends Mar 31, 2017
This Cause Has Ended
Category: Health & Athletics
Class Size: 60
Grade: 6th - 7th 

Why donate to our football team?

You should donate to our cause because our kids are learning the fundamentals of working as a team. I want them to have a chance at feeling like they belong to something greater than themselves. The majority of my kids have never been on a team of any sport before. They have never had a jersey or something that belongs to them that they earned through working together with others. I just want to give them that chance. 

Below is a list of current needs 


Wish List Qty Est. Price
T-Shirt 60 1,000
Football Markers 6 50
Scoreboard 1 20
Down Box 1 100
Flags 12-16 80
Awards 1 200
Party Budget 1 500
Totals   1,950


-My goal is to get the Jersey cost to about $16-$18 a unit

-Football markers will be important so that we can mark off our end zone

- Down box is important for marking which down our team is on. 

-The current flags we are using are old and we don't have enough. A new set of 12 is needed.

- I would really like a budget for awards because the kids work so hard and I really want to reward those who excel with a trophy. We also plan on having a super bowl and all star game.

- The party budget will be to rent a field for our championship game and to buy supplies for a final celebratory party.  


If we do not meet our goal...

I will do whatever I can in my power to ensure that are athletes have equipment needed to start our season. If we fall short then my hopes is to at least get them team jerseys.

Suggested Investments



With your $20 donation you will sponsor one athlete to have a team jersey.
Invest $20


Award Sponsor

This donation sponsors 7 kids trophies
Invest $50


Party Budget Sponsor

I'm hoping to get 5 sponsors at a $100 for our party budget for pizza parties and bbq cook out
Invest $100


Equipment sponsor

With your $200 sponsor we will cover all of our equipment needs
Invest $200

Jason Orona

Enrichment Instructor , KIPP Academy of Innovation

I am the head football coach at Kipp Academy of Innovation in East Los Angeles. We are a founding team and basically starting this program from scratch. Although we don't have much we are believing that through our fundraising efforts we can afford to play in a league next season as well as fund equipment, transportation, and clinic cost.

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Los Angeles, California

KIPP Academy of Innovation is a tuition-free public charter middle school that opened in August 2014 in East Los Angeles. KIPP Academy of Innovation currently serves 105 5th grade students, and will add one grade each year until we reach capacity in 2017 with students in fifth through eighth grade.

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Bertha Acevedo-Cabrera February 24, 2017

Have fun with flag football! I know my boy loves it. Thank you for bringing it to KAI.

Cristina February 21, 2017

All day Jay!!!

Jorge February 21, 2017

Good luck guys

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