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Verified Non-Profit

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                As much as we say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” it’s exactly what we do.  So the great story enclosed within the torn, tattered cover doesn’t get picked up—despite the assurance that the story is worth it.  Kids—like many adults—are drawn to flashy book covers with enticing images and alluring titles.  So why not stock our bookshelves with the good stuff—new books, diverse genres, multicultural protagonists, and graphic novels.

                Believe it or not, kids in the inner cities like books just as much as the next guy.  And just like the next guy, they’re not interested in decrepit titles from the ancient past.  So why not give them what they need?  The most disruptive moment I faced this year, as a ten year veteran, occurred in early September.  The bell had just rung and I couldn’t get my students to sit down—for ten minutes!  Over fifty percent of my class was standing and they continued to ignore my requests that they sit down.  Despite this disruption,  I was smiling because of the reason my students wouldn’t sit down—our brand new classroom library books had just been delivered.  Students were ecstatic to peruse the titles and select their books.

                But now a month and a half has come and gone and the selection is dwindling.  The boy who has read all of Gordon Korman’s Swindle series is struggling to find a new title.  The English Language Learner who has read all of the graphic novels on the shelves is struggling to find a new title.  As I push students to read 75 pages per week—200 by the end of June—to develop their stamina for reading and to prepare for the demands of college, it is imperative that there are quality titles—that meet all students’ needs and interests—on the shelves.

                My school has been very generous to purchase the first round of independent reading tiltes for the class, but due to extreme budget cuts, there will only be a second round if people donate to our cause.  Because books are therapeutic and help people deal with the challenges they may face, I’m striving to create a collection of titles that covers all genres, so students can see a reflection of themselves in multiple classroom texts.  Below is a sample selection of the titles I will purchase should you choose to support your local bookshelf.

"I will save you" - Matt De La Pena ($6.48)

"We Were Here" - Matt De La Pena ($6.24)

"Last Stop on Market Street" - Matt De La Pena ($10.62)

"The Fever Code" - James Dashner ($12.03)

"Crooked Kingdom" - Leigh Bardugo ($11.16)

"Children of Eden" Joey Graceffa ($11.36)

"Holding up the Universe" - Jennifer Niven ($11.32)

"Three Dark Crowns" - Kendra Blake ($10.65)

"All the Bright Places" - Jennifer Niven ($6.99)

"Cradle and All" - James Patterson ($12.28)

"Tales of the Peculiar" - Ranson Riggs ($15.13)

"Under the Lights" - Abbi Gilnes ($10.58)

"The Black Key" - Amy Ewing ($10.58)

"The Female of the Species" - Mindy McGinnis ($10.58)

"The Thousandth Floor" Katharien McGee ($11.16)

"Girl in Pieces" - Kathleen Glasgrow ($11.16)

"The Grisha Trilogy Boxed Set" - Leigh Bardugo ($21.61)

"Our Chemical Hearts" - Krystal Sutherland ($11.88)

"Every Falling Star" - Sungiu Lee ($12.09)

"Chicken Soup for the soul" - Jack Canfield ($9.99)

"Die Finstersteins Band" - Kai Lufner ($11.99)

"My Demon’s Name is Ed" - Danah Khalil ($7.99)

"Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children Boxed Set" - Ransom Riggs ($34.52)

"The Third Twin" - C.J. Omololu ($9.99)

"Finding Audrey" - Sophie Kinsella ($9.99)

"The Sister Pact" - Stacie Ramey ($7.05)

"Six of Crows #1" - Leign Bandugo ($11.85)

"We were Liars" - E. Lockhart ($10.64)

"Hollow City" the graphic novel - Ransom Riggs ($12.38)

"Twilight" the graphic novel - Stephanie Meyer ($10.41)

"New Moon" the graphic novel - Stephanie Meyer ($12.65)

"Stormbreaker" the graphic novel - Anthony Horrowitz ($11.28)

"The Babysitter’s Club" Graphix Series 1-4 ($24.97)

Each new title is approximately $10.00.  All of the money raised will be used to purchase classroom library books.

Back Up Plan

If I do not meet my goal I will purchase books with whatever amount has been generously donated.

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Allison Hoffman November 8, 2016

"Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers."
Charles William Eliot

Good luck with your collection!

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I have been teaching middle school English in Philadelphia for the past ten years. During this time, I have served the communities of Kensington and South Philadelphia. My goal is to develop students' reading skills and joy for reading by offering quality literary selections that appeal to all students' interests.

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