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Verified Non-Profit

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With these funds I will...

Purchase science magazines from "Kids Discover". In my classroom, I have set up a Reading Nook where students can go and read scientific resources to start/complete their research on certain topics. I believe that it is important for science students to engage in scientific texts and explore findings from scientists in the field. I envision my students not only using these magazines for research but also to encourage their interest in learning more. Unfortunately, we do not have science textbooks so it would be nice for students to see real-life application of some of the concepts we'll cover through labs. We will have access to Chromebooks where students can do a deeper level of research, but I believe it is imperative to provide students with a template and starting point.

Below you will find the links to the magazines I look forward to purchasing:

1 Earth Science Set (includes ten issues) $36



1 Life Science Pack (includes 5 issues) $20



1 Space Science Set (includes 7 issues) $25



1 Conservation Issue $5



1 Germs Issue $5



1 Matter Issue $5



1 Nutrition Issue $5



1 Atoms Issue $5



1 Energy Issue $5



1 Chemistry Issue $5



1 Simple Machines Issue $5



1 Oil Issue $5



1 Inventions Issue $5



1 Brain Issue $5



Total $136, but I am asking for $200 to account for shipping.


Thank you!


Back Up Plan

If I do not meet my goal I don't think I will be able to afford all of the magazines asked for. Recently, I purchased scientific comic books for my class as a part of my effort to encourage reading in my class. But it is extremely important for my class to have more in depth texts to engage in as well. I have set up a Reading Nook in my classroom with a book shelf to motivate my students to read scientific texts. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to purchase all of the magazines on my own so I need your help! All of the money raised will go directly to increasing the availability of scientific resources for my students. I envision my students venturing off to the Reading Nook to research topics we talked about in class just because they want to learn more! So every little bit counts. If I'm not able to raise all of the money I will use the donations to buy the Earth and Life Science sets first because those, I think, are top priority for my class.

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I am a first year 6-8 science teacher.This year I plan to bring more hands on labs and experiences to my classroom. I also want to encourage my students to begin thinking and writing like scientists so I plan on having a lot of scholarly scientific journals and magazines available for independent reading.

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