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New Orleans, Louisiana


Encore Academy is a PreK-8 charter school in the city of New Orleans that focuses on both academics and the arts. Encore Academy is an open admissions Orleans Parish School Board authorized charter school. Our mission is to provide a rigorous and differentiated academic program strengthened by a broad musical arts curriculum, enabling students to become college and career ready critical thinkers, lifelong learners, and positive contributors to society.

It is the vision of ENCORE Academy to build and sustain a school where all students’ individual academic needs are met through research-based programming executed through effective and differentiated instructional delivery practices by knowledgeable and compassionate teachers.
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A Need for Scientific Texts
by Alexis Chisolm
at Encore Academy
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Lydia Hill

2nd Grade Teacher

Hi all! My name is Lydia Hill and I currently teach second grade to a classroom of 30 wonderful students at ENCORE Academy in New Orleans. ENCORE is a new arts focused title one charter school in New Orleans, our goal is to infuse a lifelong love of music into our children's everyday interactions with school.

Alexis Chisolm


I am a first year 6-8 science teacher.This year I plan to bring more hands on labs and experiences to my classroom. I also want to encourage my students to begin thinking and writing like scientists so I plan on having a lot of scholarly scientific journals and magazines available for independent reading.