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Verified Non-Profit

Verified Non-Profit

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With these funds I will...

Purchase reading materials to enhance reading instruction in my building.  We all know that learning to read is not a \"one size fits all" process and that authentically joyful literacy experiences help to shape lifelong learners. 

I want build a library of reading materials that teachers can use in their classroom to support struggling readers, increase engagement during reading groups, and bring authentic joy to the process of reading.  Whether it's kindergarten students using magnadoodles to practice reading and writing beginning words, first graders using hands-free whisper phones to listen to their expressive reading in groups or second graders using mini book lights to read in their classroom with the lights turned down, each material will enhance the literacy experience for the students in our building.

8 class sets of 12 Hands-free Whisper Phones to be used during reading groups @ $89.95 per set

7 set of 4 mini booklights to use during independent reading @ $14.99 per set

9 Magna Doodle boards for kindergarten reading centers @ $9.27 each

Back Up Plan

we will purchase as many of the above items as I can to be shared in the classrooms.

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I am an Assistant Principal of Instruction with a passion for literacy. As an educator with 15 years of experience I know the power that literacy brings to the school community. My goal is to support the young learners in my building so that they can become lifelong learners who love reading!

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