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This Cause Has Ended
Launched Jan 20, 2017
Ends Apr 20, 2017
This Cause Has Ended
Category: General
Class Size: 700
Grade: K - 8th 

As the 21st century library purpose continues to evolve, I am constantly exploring ways to efficiently and effectively serve my population of students, teachers and community in our elementary library.  My biggest focus has been on making the library a more vibrant and open place for exploration and inquiry.  So with that focus in mind, I have been playing with the idea of curiosity.  If I imagine the library as a sort of Curiosity Commons, I can envision a place where students and teachers come to explore both introductory concepts or to dive deeper into content areas.  

Creating Curiosity in the Pine Shadows Learning Commons

The Pine Shadows Elementary Library is part of the Spring Branch Independent School District located in Houston, Texas.  Our campus demographics include a large Hispanic population (84% of students) with 78% of the population considered economically disadvantaged (from 2015-2016 TEA school report card). 

Many of our students do not have the benefit of experiential learning outside of the school experience.  It is my hope that providing hands-on manipulatives combined with quality reading materials will entice students to engage more fully with topics that they are exploring in their classrooms.  In addition, I would like to stimulate their curiosity by having a rotating set of materials and books that invite students to engage with new topics and interests.  Our wish list includes 49 different items that will allow students to have a tactile experience that relates to a literary topic that can be found in our library. 

Curiosity Cabinets Wish List

If we do not meet our goal...

we will purchase as many of the wish list materials as possible, beginning with the next unit of study according to our district educational road maps.  

Suggested Investments



Help to "spark" student curiosity! Ten manipulatives on our wish list are $15 or less. All 700+ students at PSE will be able to engage with these hands-on items!
Invest $15



There are 20 items on our wish list that can be purchased for $30 or less. Help our student's curiosity "explode" with fun, hands-on manipulatives!
Invest $30


Book Blast-Off

$40 will purchase a book combo from Capstone Publishing that includes a digital title with a matching hardcover book for our library!
Invest $40



Our students' imaginations will soar with donations of $100 or more! These funds will allow us to purchase items that are certain to fuel the imagination of all of our PSE students!
Invest $100

Josephine Stringer

Librarian, Spring Branch Education Foundation

A librarian at Pine Shadows Elementary for Spring Branch ISD, located in Houston, Texas.

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