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This Cause Has Ended
Launched Aug 21, 2016
Ends Dec 09, 2016
This Cause Has Ended
Category: Health & Athletics
Class Size: 850
Grade: K - 8th 

With these funds, we will invest in our most precious resource: the children we serve. While schools in more affluent areas enjoy a range of extra-curricular opportunities, our students have limited or no access to sports and the arts. This money will allow us to offer a range of competitive sports that will teach our students the value of commitment, hard work, and camaraderie. Currently, we have a per-pupil budget of $96 per student for an entire year for everything related to enrichment: art, theater, music, dance, with no specific budget for athletics. This severe financial limitation means that we cannot afford high quality coaching or equipment, both of which are necessary. Additionally, over 96% of our students qualify for free/reduced lunch. Many of our families are not in the position to contribute financially to our programming. If we were to receive these funds for athletics, our normal extra-curricular money would go even further to invest in extra-curricular opportunity for our students.

Below is a breakdown of the costs, as well as links to the various items (some of which some of which will depend on the number of student participants):

If we do not meet our goal...

If we do not meet our goal, we will downsize our vision and field the teams that have the most student interest.

Suggested Investments


Fund a Coach!

A $10 pledge will, on average, pay for the coaching fee for one student on one sports team for one full season.
Invest $10


Sponsor a Student Athlete

A $35 investment will entirely fund the equipment, coaching, league and transportation fees for one student for one full sports season.
Invest $35


Sponsor Two Student Athletes

A $35 investment will entirely fund the equipment, coaching, league and transportation fees for TWO students for one full sports season.
Invest $70

Stu Warshawer

Principal , Mastery Charter Schools Foundation

I am the principal at Mastery Charter Harrity Upper School - a public, neighborhood middle school in Southwest Philadelphia that serves approximately 300 students in our catchment area. As a staff, student and family community, our mascot is the "West Philly Wolf Pack." Due to mandatory budget cuts, we can no longer afford a sports program at our school. We are seeking partners to help us raise the money to give our students the athletic opportunities they deserve.

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Mastery Charter Schools and Mastery Schools of Camden form a non-profit school network of 21 schools in Philadelphia, PA and Camden, NJ serving approximately 12,000 students in grades K-12. Our mission is to ensure that all students learn the academic and personal skills they need to succeed in higher education, compete in the global economy and pursue their dreams.

At the core of every Mastery school is a set of values that guides all of our actions. Mastery’s values are infused in the everyday life of the organization -- in the recruitment criteria for new staff, in staff evaluation and promotion decisions, in the organization’s growth strategy, and in the way staff interact with each other and the parents and students we serve.

Track Championships

June 8, 2017

Dear Wolf Pack Family,

Yesterday, multiple athletes on our track team won medals at our league championship meet. I wanted to write to you all to remind you that you made this possible. See pics below!

Thanks for your support. 




Boys Basketball Schedule

February 8, 2017

Wolf Pack Family,


I wanted to include the schedule for our boys basketball team, which just began their competitive season last week. Here are the upcoming "regular season" games and locations. We hope to see you there!








Aspira Hostos

Aspira Hostos

6301 N 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19120



Aspira Pantoja

Aspira Pantoja

4101 N American St, Philadelphia, PA 19140



Mastery Prep


5700 Wayne Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19144



Mastery Pickett


5700 Wayne Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19144





5601 Christian Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19143





5601 Christian Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19143

B'ball supplies :)

January 6, 2017

Wolf Pack Extended Family,


Your donation continues to support our students. Check out our exciting new gear below!!!

Wolf Pack Sports Update

December 31, 2016

Happy New Years to all of our supporters! I hope you and your families are healthy and happy as we prepare to ring in 2017.

I'm proud to announce that our Girls' Basketball team went undefeated in regular season games. Unfortunately, we did not advance in the playoffs, but the girls learned an immense amount about teamwork, responsibility and sportsmanship.

The money we have raised has gone to fund our league fees, coaching, and transportation costs for away games. With this money, we will also be able to pay all those same expenses for Boys' Basketball and Track.  

Below - Janaye and Mylan from our team. Both serious players and serious students. (The pictures may end up sideways - not sure what's wrong with my formatting!) 



We are gearing up for our boys' basketball season and wrestling season, which both begin in January. Email me at if you'd like to attend a game or a match.




Breaking News! Harrity Wolf Pack Receives 10K grant :)

December 7, 2016

Dear friends and wolf-pack members,


I'm thrilled to announce that our school has recently received a major grant from the Mastery Foundation that puts us well over the $10,000 goal we set. With the money raised from the SIXTY-TWO of you who contributed to our cause, plus the grant, we will be able to maintain girls basketball, boys basketball, wrestling, cheerleading, track and field for our students. Our kids will have coaches, buses, uniforms, water bottles and teams to compete against for the remainder of the school year. 


As we go into the holiday season, I'm filled with gratitude for the extended wolf pack community.


Please feel free to reach out to me at if you'd like to come visit us.


Yours in partnership,

Stu Warshawer



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Stephanie Bailey
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Victoria Costa
Sergio Katz
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Hildy Somerville
Jessica Nayor
Oliver Millwood
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Janet Kang
Morgan N Barth
Peggy and David Schuhle/Kucko
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Stu Warshawer
William Siegfried
Elizabeth Warshawer
Leonard Francis III
Sean Joyce
Debby and Avery Comarow
William A Koresko
Kevin Joyce
Henry Melcher
drs. ed & liz Holifield
Lauri and Ken Gatsik
Jennifer Balog

Len September 22, 2016

Do it Uncle Rob...

Bridget and Mattie Siegfried September 21, 2016

Proud to support the cause

Katie September 20, 2016

Stu, I'm sure you're an inspirational leader at your school. Best of luck as you continue to do great work on behalf of your students.

Olivia Barrett September 2, 2016

It take a village. Pray others will donate as I. It doesn't take much if each person give something. A bag of chip and a large soda cost as much as you would if you invest in the empowerment of a child - education.

Peggy Schuhle Kucko August 27, 2016

I am so happy that my niece has found a place to begin her profession that has filled her heart with so much joy!!
Thanks to all who are working with her and giving her a great start in a dream that she has had planned and laid out since she was a little girl!!!!
I hope you reach your goal!!!!

Etta Hobert August 22, 2016

I have shared your fundraiser on Facebook. Best wishes with reaching your goal!

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