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With these funds, we will purchase the Reflex game for Klondike Elementary School (grades 2-5 and the high ability classrooms). Reflex is a math fluency fact game that allows our student to increase their math fact skills. 

For several years my students and I worked through many different math fact programs. We tried rocket math, timed tests, and Xtra Math to name a few. During timed tests I felt like the students were pressured and anxiety soared due to the fast paced environment. Students loathed Xtra Math and were dreading logging into the program to practice their facts. My principal at the time, then stumbled upon a grant for a program called Reflex. Several teachers piloted the program and had an extreme amount of success. Students were even practicing their math facts at home! Parents were sharing their excitement and students were celebrating milestones on their math fact journey. 

Last year our KES parents, teachers and PTO successfully raised enough money to purchase a license for grades 2-5. Our subscription runs out in October. 

Reflex has been a way that has allowed for even our most struggling students to build confidence in base level skills that are necessary for mastering higher level skills. Because Reflex is game based many students feel at ease learning new facts due to the highly engaging atmosphere Reflex provides. We have experienced a vast amount of success and grit when it comes to solving questions that require a deeper depth of knowledge due to students having a great foundation in math fact skills.  

In just 24 days of using Reflex (during a grant) our students gained over 171 addition/subtraction facts. When students reach 100% fluency on their addition and subtraction facts, we can switch them over to multiplication and division facts. 

We are hopeful that through this fundraiser we can secure the funds to renew our subscription to Reflex Math for both in person and virtual learning students.

Back Up Plan

If we do not reach our goal I will purchase...we will be writing other grants to hopefully purchase Reflex for our school.

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About the Creator

Hi there! My name is Samantha Mitchell and I am currently a teacher at Klondike Elementary School in West Lafayette, IN. Our classroom is composed of 23 motivated students in a multi-age 2/3 High Ability class. All of my students have a love of learning and a passion to experience the world using hands-on activities. They attend a public school where the expectations are rising daily. In order to reach these goals, new and creative strategies are needed. These projects reflect that of the wants/needs of our students. They drive our learning!