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This Cause Has Ended
Launched Jul 28, 2017
Ends Aug 31, 2017
This Cause Has Ended
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Class Size: 30
Grade: K-12th 

As a teacher I am responsible for my very own classroom! I engage daily with my students and their families, and it is my responsibility to ensure that my classroom is a welcoming environment for everyone. One of the biggest challenges is making sure that all of my students have the materials they need to participate in class daily. This is especially important at the beginning of the school year, when we set the tone for how important it is for everyone to be a part of our classroom community.

To get the year started off right, I will use the funds that I raise to purchase the supplies needed to welcome my students back to their classroom that is clean and stocked full with materials. This will allow me to provide the required supplies to students that otherwise would not have them. I will also purchase copy paper to ensure that I can provide my students with high quality learning materials, whether that is exit tickets, independent activities, or homework.

PledgeCents allows me to keep whatever I raise, so anything you can contribute really will make a difference in our classroom. As always, I want to make a great impression and a lasting impact on my group of students and letting them know that they have a community that supports them both near and far will definitely get us on the right track. Here is a complete list of the materials that your generous investment will help provide:

If we do not meet our goal...

If I do not meet my goal, I will purchase as many materials as possible. I will prioritize the materials that are most essential to students (pencils, paper, etc.) as they are the most important to ensuring that students can participate in daily lessons.
Suggested Investments


The Quarter

Your $25 investment will help get this fundraiser off of the ground and ensure that our first quarter of the school year is a success!
Invest $25



Classrooms get messy. This investment level is for all of you that can stand germs. The $75 will help go directly to purchasing all of the disinfecting and cleaning materials needed to keep everything
Invest $75


Making Paper

Teachers definitely know how to conserve paper. Double-sided half sheets for homework, handouts, and exit tickets. Using this method your $100 will equal 20,000 sheets of paper.
Invest $100


Do The Write Thing

Your generous $200 investment will cover all of the writing materials needed to get the year started. It will also guarantee that every student is able to have a pencil for the day.
Invest $200

Amy Lopez

Teacher, Spring Branch Education Foundation

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The Spring Branch Education Foundation is committed to helping Spring Branch ISD realize its mission: to provide every student a quality education in a safe environment. Who is the Spring Branch Education Foundation?
The Spring Branch Education Foundation was founded in 1993 to create voluntary financial support for Spring Branch ISD and to support its mission of quality education. The Foundation provides donors with a vehicle for making approved, tax-deductible gifts to SBISD. In 20 years, the Foundation has raised over $8,000,000, and has received a Houston Business Promise Award from the Greater Houston Partnership.

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This Cause Has Ended

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