Thescon or Bust!

Verified Non-Profit

Verified Non-Profit

The Description

Thescon is a large Theatre conference held in Denver. Last year over 70 Colleges, Conservatories, and Universities dedicated to the service of the academic theatre community offered over one million dollars’ worth of scholarships to students in attendance. Besides the college auditioning experience, students have the opportunity to train with some of the country’s leading professionals in Acting, Directing, Play writing, and Technical Theatre. The conference also affords students the opportunity to watch professional theatrical productions and main stage presentations produced by area high schools, professional theatres, and university theatre programs.

The conference registration fee is $110 for the high school students, sponsors and chaperones are $10. The registration fee covers the cost of admission to the conference and all of the student workshops and performances. The registration fee does not cover the cost of your hotel room or food. For most of my Drama students this cost is out of their reach. 

With these funds, I will provide scholarships for 3  students to Thescon.  Many of these students have never been to a theatre conference before, and this conference can ignite a new passion for their art form.The money will be used to pay for this 3 day excursion including lodging, transportation, and my individual event (a competitive acting scene), as well as food.

Back Up Plan

If I do not meet my goal I will cover at least part of their cost.

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Brian Gansmann November 11, 2016

I had one of the best speech/forensics experience in high school.... time for me to share. Would be interested in helping with forensics coaching from time to time.

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