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Our Blue Ribbon school is home to over 1,800 9th-12th grade students. Each of our students finds a place to fit in with the variety of clubs, teams and volunteer groups we have to offer. In the classroom, our highly qualified staff members use interactive whiteboards, automatic response clickers and creative lesson plans to deliver a curriculum that is aligned to Michigan Common Core Standards and includes 17 Advanced Placement courses.
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March Book Madness
by Jennifer Ward
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Jennifer Ward

High School Teacher

Picture the quirky, eccentric English teacher - you know the one who would jump up and down excitedly talking about the psychoanalytic interpretations of a text or gesticulate wildly about the double entendres found in a line of poetry - and you've got Ms. Jennifer Ward, high school English teacher. An interest in expanding opportunities for my public school students has me thinking about ways that technology can be used to connect my students to the authentic audiences. Technology has opened up the doors of my classroom, allowing my tenth grade students to learn where and when ever they have access. As a result, students are taking ownership of their education, sharing their writing with real audiences, and building confidence in their skills. But in a time when budgets are tight, the challenge is helping all students gain access to the same online opportunities.