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This Cause Has Ended
Launched Sep 18, 2016
Ends Sep 27, 2016
This Cause Has Ended
Category: Music
Class Size: 45
Grade: 4th - 8th 

Students at Bache-Martin have the opportunity to receive musical instrument instruction throughout their K-8 education, as the school has a long history of valuing supplemental music instruction and recognizing the benefits it provides to students. Starting in Kindergarten and through 3rd grade, students focus on violin.  Starting in 4th grade and through 8th grade, our students can expand their musical horizons and participate in the school's band program.

In today's climate of shrinking school budgets and having to do more with less, the band equipment at Bache-Martin has not received necessary repairs or replacements over the years, and now is in dire shape. At a minimum, 25 instruments are in fair or poor quality. From flutes with missing screws, to keys that have fallen off saxophones and clarinets, and a dent in the tuba, the school's band instruments are in desperate need of repair or replacement.  

With a student population where over 90% of students come from low-income families, our families do not have the financial resources available to purchase new equipment, repair the existing instruments, and obtain the consumables needed (such as reeds). Despite the current conditions, our students continue to play using the instruments on hand, though they would benefit so much more from their instruments if they functioned properly.

Through this campaign, we hope to be able to do the following:   

  • Purchase 3 new clarinets
  • Purchase 3 new flutes
  • Purchase 2 new alto saxophones
  • Purchase 1 bell kit with a rolling cart
  • Purchase 1 box of clarinet reeds
  • Purchase 1 box of saxophone reeds
  • Purchase 3 boxes of oboe reeds
  • Purchase 3 boxes of bassoon reeds
  • Repair 25 instruments

The repair of existing instruments and purchase of new instruments will benefit students for years to come at the school, and allow them to play on equipment that works and properly presents their hard work to learn and practice their musical instruments.

If we do not meet our goal...

If we do not meet our goal, we will work with the school's Band Teacher, Vanessa Taylor, to prioritize what is most needed for the band program and expend the funds raised accordingly. 

Suggested Investments


Oboe/Bassoon Reeds

$15 will pay for one box of oboe or bassoon reeds
Invest $15


Saxophone/Clarinet Reeds

$27 will purchase one box of saxophone or clarinet reeds
Invest $27


Instrument Repair

$33 will pay for most of the repairs for one instrument
Invest $33


New Clarinet/Flute

$388 will purchase one new flute or clarinet
Invest $388


New Alto Saxophone

$660 will purchase a new alto saxophone with case
Invest $660

Nina Liou

Treasurer, Friends of Bache Martin (FoBM)

I am currently the parent of a 3rd grader at Bache-Martin, and I was the President of the Home and School Association for the last 4 years. With having 2 children that previously/currently attend Bache-Martin, I am deeply invested in seeing my neighborhood public school succeed and offer as many opportunities as possible to our students. I am also the Treasurer of the Friends of Bache-Martin.

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

As a nonprofit organization, the Friends of Bache-Martin is charged with meeting the fundraising needs of Bache-Martin Elementary on a larger scale through grant writing and soliciting the financial support of foundations, corporations and individuals. We exist for the sole purpose of enhancing the educational opportunities offered by the school not funded by the School District of Philadelphia.

The Friends of Bache-Martin is comprised of board members that hail from the community, school administration and faculty and parents of current students. We are dedicated to engaging the broader community in Philadelphia and beyond, to bring much needed resources to Bache-Martin.

Clean Sweep - 3 for 3!

September 22, 2016

Hello investors,

It is done. It was a clean sweep and we won all three rounds for a total of $2,000.

The Friends of Bache-Martin, with the support of over 100 investors, raised in excess of $8,000, most of it within the last 16 hours.

There are really no words other than thank you to those who supported this campaign, shared the word on social media and among family and friends.

It is so great to see how the community support of Bache-Martin has grown over the years.

Many thanks again on behalf of myself, the Friends of Bache-Martin, and in the end, the students of Bache-Martin now and in the future who will benefit for years from what we will be able to do with the funds raised today. 

Cheers,  Nina 

We are 2 for 2!!

September 21, 2016

Hey folks, We did it again! We won round 2 for an additional $1,000 to be contributed to the school!  Many thanks to all of the investors who helped make this happen.

Now it is time for us to go 3 of 3 in Round 3 where $750 is up for grabs.  From now until 1am, please ask your friends, family, random strangers, anyone who loves and cares about music and its value to children to donate and help us secure even more funds to support our music program at Bache-Martin.

You may note that we are currently fully funded. But that does not mean we need to or should stop!  The additional monies raised will now allow us to more fully address the needs of the school’s band and strings programs, including the purchase of new violins.  Please help us to really address the full needs of these long neglected programs and give all of our students the opportunity to learn and play a musical instrument that works the way it should!

Don’t forget, all donations are tax deductible and every bit helps get us closer to the goal of music for all of our students.

Many thanks.  I am in awe of the support that has been shown thus far! 



We Won Round 1 for $250! Now On to Round 2!

September 21, 2016

Hey folks, We did it!  We won round 1 for an additional $250 to be contributed to our Pledgecents campaign. Thank you, thank you, thank you!  

Now its time for us to go gangbusters for Round 2 where $1,000 is up for grabs. From now until 8 pm, please help us win Round 2 by sharing our cause and spreading the word!

And remember, all donations are tax deductible and any amount helps!  Thanks everyone!


Jennifer & Christopher Storb
Kelly Cleary
Penny Page
Phil Harris
Kathleen Klemm
christine lejeune
Anna Marchini
Laura McClammer
Kathryn Fleegel
Noam Kugelmass
Timothy Creamer
Billie Faircloth
Kelly S. Curran
DD Eisenberg
Pamela S. Klemm
Danny Page
Katherine Spellissy x 2
Sharon Tice DelCotto
Jerilyn Dressler
Teresa Kelly
Ryan Jackson
Kelly Kutchinsky
Johanna Isaacs
Melanie A Izzo x 2
Teresa Tat
Susan Lowry
Amy B Dusch
Carolyne Dilgard-Clark
Chas Kutchinsky
Tara Desmond
Melissa Stewart
Mizuho Kalabis
The Friedlander Family
Martha Desmond
Joshua Stern x 2
Michelle Wetzel
Denise Horan
jaime fox
Andrea Facciabene
Greg Vincent
Ryan M Bailey
Donna Zinni
Anne Donovan x 2
Angelica Jaszek x 2
Anne Nevins
Shalika Sprowal
Angelina Charles
Kelly Springer
Kari Schmidt
Elizabeth Tarpy
Kristin Mckeown
Soma Banik Banerjee
Janice Ryan
Annie Harris
Julia Nicholls
Megan Vetri
Tracey L McVeigh
janice hunt
Kira Strong
Elizabeth Pollitt Paisner
Geraldine Parrish
Leslie Schultz
Eve Gigliotti
jennifer kosoff
Wendy Sedlak
Martin Siminski
Anne K Henner
Anne Golden
Johann Sarmiento
Gayle Crose
Nina Liou
Tania Giovannetti
Rosemarie D'Alba Cipriano
Lee Welborn
Tony & Linda Mauro

SUSAN September 21, 2016


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