Alternative Seating Options for Students and 5 Samsung Galaxy Tablets by Sunday Lopez, Chandler Woods Charter Academy

This Cause Has Ended
Launched Mar 19, 2017
Ends Mar 27, 2017
This Cause Has Ended
Category: General
Class Size: 28
Grade: 3rd 

As a teacher, I am always trying to find ways to keep my class engaged and on top of all that is expected of them in a fun interactive way. I have a very active class this year, so movement is a must. I have many wiggle cushions, but have found that some students really do better with the activity learning stools. We tried another teachers and several of my students loved them. I feel with all the demands placed on our students they deserve to have the tools that would help them succeed. Therefore having alternative chairs for my wiggly ones is a must. Additionally, I am finding many learning apps that would be fabulous for various learners and would love to be able to utilize them. I feel that utilizing Samsung Galaxy Tablets would be helpful in learning centers for my third graders. I feel am passionate about having a classroom that will prepare my students for the future, but not at the cost of their present moment. I want them to love learning and to have all the advantages that I can afford them to grow as happy and healthy learners.

Samsung Galaxy:

Activity Learning stools:

If we do not meet our goal...

If I do not meet my goal I will purchase fewer of each item.

Sunday Lopez

3rd Grade Teacher, Chandler Woods Charter Academy

I teach third grade at Chandler Woods Charter Academy. I have taught 3rd grade for 10 years. I am only more in love with teaching with each passing year. I recently completed my Masters program and now hold a Masters of Curriculum and Instruction.

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​​Chandler Woods Charter Academy is a free public charter school serving kindergarten through 8th grade. See what happens when hard work, personal responsibility, and a nurturing school community combine to create one exceptional experience. Founded on academic excellence, moral focus, parental partnership, and student responsibility, Chandler Woods Charter Academy is a school like no other—one that can lead your child to a lifetime of success.

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Wow-88% of the way!

March 22, 2017

Wow! Thank you everyone! I am so excited to be almost to our goal! Also I am in the top running for a 3D printer. Fingers crossed. Feel free to share this on FB because with every share I receive 5 more raffles. Here is the 3D printer. 

Here is the list of contestants for the raffle. This is just a fun bonus to all the goodies we are getting. Blessings!!

  1. Sunday Lopez - Alernative Seating Options for Students and 5 Samsung Galaxy Tablets: 1,259 raffle entries
  2. Aletia Trepte - Raspberry Pi Exploration: 1,000 raffle entries
  3. Danielle DeCostanza - Creating Second Grade Scholars through Nonfiction Texts: 484 raffle entries
  4. Melody Bentson - Help Save Nonfiction Studies!: 459 raffle entries
  5. Samantha Sloan - Nicaragua: Cultural Immersion and Service- Final Funds: 385 raffle entries
  6. Simon Gratz Staff - Help Build a Multi-Media Library at Simon Gratz Mastery Charter!: 362 raffle entries
  7. Vida Pascual - Redwood Forest Trip for DREAMers (Immigrant HS Students): 293 raffle entries
  8. Julie Ahern - The Next Generation: Help Bring Nearpod To My Classroom: 265 raffle entries
  9. LCPA Instrumental Music - Send LCPA Instrumental Music Program to Spain: 200 raffle entries
  10. Karyn Lewis - MPJH Makers: 94 raffle entries
  11. Jessica Deschu - Vinyl Us For Fun: 85 raffle entries
  12. Karyn Miller - Rockets to the Rescue - Kids Helping Kids Live: 70 raffle entries
  13. Jessica Thompson - Help Turner HS DECA Members Compete!: 60 raffle entries
  14. Kim Pond - The Next Generation: Help Bring Nearpod To My Classroom: 40 raffle entries
  15. Cyndi MacDonald - Chromebook A Day Helps us get an A!: 30 raffle entries
  16. Christine Labar - Interactive Science: 30 raffle entries
  17. Mary Gavlik - Curating Our Makerspace With Maker Maven: 20 raffle entries
  18. Whitney Preston - Help Turner HS BPA Members Compete at the National Leadership Conference: 20 raffle entries
  19. Rukiyyah Khan - Learning Vocab Faster & Easier With ClassTracks!: 20 raffle entries
  20. Ryan Brown - Dazzling Design: Constructing the Foundation of Future Game Designers: 18 raffle entries
  21. Robert Vetter - Drone's Club: 10 raffle entries


March 22, 2017

Thank you everyone! We are almost to our goal! 78% of the way there. If we go over the amount I will buy more for the classroom. My class keeps watching and they are so happy to see all the support we are getting. I would love to close this in 5 days. That way we can get our items sooner and begin utilizing them. Blessings, Mrs. Lopez and her 3rd Graders. :)

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Trish Tarbell March 22, 2017

Love you Megan, Hope the drive is a success for your class.

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