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Partners in Education brings the community into Katy ISD classrooms through a menu of opportunities. Giving everyone a chance to volunteer.

​If you're new, or if you've been here awhile, there's a good chance you moved to Katy because of the school district. Aside from having exceptional administrators and teachers, we're confident that what makes our district great is our volunteers. We have a lot of them – from every walk of life, from every corner of the world – who bring their talents, time and hearts into our classrooms.

Education is serious business – and we haven't gotten where we are by going it alone. So we encourage you to click and browse our menu of opportunities and read about the great things happening with Katy ISD volunteers. Whether you are a parent, business or community member, Partners in Education connects everyone to a singular common goal: Making A Difference For Kids
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Katy ISD Food for Families
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Tammy Stringer

Staff Member

I am one of the team members for the Katy ISD Partners in Education.

Martha Brown

Partners in Education Specialist

I am the Partners in Education Specialist with Katy Partners in Education.